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The world of Twitter. A place where Pokemon fans from all over the world can come together to show their love for Pokemon in many different ways. Join me, Mikey, in a mystical adventure into wide world of Pokemon and Twitter.

Twitter is a great networking tool and makes it easy to communicate with different people. There are a boatload of Pokemon fans on Twitter and all of them are quite friendly. On Twitter, it is easy to ask any question, which is what I did a few days ago.

The question that I posed was:

What Starter Pokemon are you going to pick for Pokemon Black and White?

The responses were quiet interesting. Lets take a look.

Soul_Resonance replied:

I will pick Tepig and name him Bacondorf.


This was a very cool answer. A nice pun off of Ganondorf, the infamous Legend of Zelda villain. When you think about it, both Embour, Tepig’s final evolution, and Ganon look a bit similar. Both are buff looking figures with pig snouts. Very clever my good sir. Very clever.

EeveeChick10 replied:

I’m starting with Tepig in Black and Oshawott in White. I’ll borrow one of my husband’s to get Snivy. Him and I are getting both ver

Gotta catch ‘em all as the old saying goes. This husband and wife team are playing games together. I wish them both luck in catching them all since there are now over 600 Pokemon… I wish anybody luck doing that task.

Unova Starters

Lastly tdawinner replied:

I’m choosing Oshawott. Darn you anime! lol

I can see how the anime would make somebody want to get Oshawott. The anime writers have been pushing Oshawott into our faces and I been considering getting Oshawott somehow myself. Damn that cool Razor Shell attack and Oshawott’s evolved form, Dewott.

So what Unova Starter am I planning to get? They are all so good that I don’t know which one I want! Right now I am strongly siding with Tepig since I love the idea of nicknaming him Bacon. Also I just love fire types so we won’t have any trouble getting along.

One thing is certain though. Coming this time tomorrow, the Poke Twitterverse is going to be set ablaze with Pokemon fans in America eagerly playing Pokemon Black and White. Yours truly will be one of them!

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