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Greetings Black & White Trainers! Here’s a Trainer Tip! Make sure that at least one Pokemon in your party is not knocked out. You have been warned!

Though I’m sure all the artists are glued to their gameboy screens (except for our cousins in Australia, Sorry!), a few managed to draw their Black and White teams for their comics! And if they can do it, so can you!

If you draw your Black and White team before Monday, I’ll include it in next week’s Monday Laughs! Just send me the link to the image!

Editor’s Picks

JHALLpokemon (Above) – So that’s why we blacked out! It all makes sense now!

Life As A Pokemon – I think we can officially classify this as inhumane torture.

Penny Arcade – The choice between Black & White is a lot more difficult than you think!

Drawn Comics

Ctrl+Alt+Del – The real answer is, of course, buy both of them!

Funeral of Hearts – This is such a pretty comic. It could stand by its artwork alone!

Mokepon – It’s because Pikachu is SO CUTE! Just ask Neo!

Penny Arcade – As usual with most Penny Arcade comics, Rated PG-Crazy.

Persian’s Tale of Giovanni – Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Keep them Geodude Rolling! Rollout!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales – On the positive note, if that fire attack did that much damage to Buizel, think how much it would have hurt that Chikorita!

Pokemon Yellow Comics – I didn’t know Pikachu knew bite.

Pokemon Zirconia – Even after evolving, Charmeleon still faces a tough fight against Haunter!

Rare Candy Treatment – With great Power comes great Disability.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – Life Lesson #512: Never trust a menacing stranger with your toys.

Stuff of Legend – I think I’d be pretty upset too if I were Nick.

Super Effective – I… I don’t think it evolved. I think it’s just a really muscular Bulbasaur…

Pixel Comics

Pebble Version – Cloaking battles in smoke since strip #1121.

Pokemon Edge – The group may have grown closer, but new challenges lurk in this next chapter!

Pokemon Light & Dark – I imagine it’s sort of like Ash’s Pikachu. He’s got to be level 80 by now.

Pokemon-X – And not only is Seismic Toss the move to use in this situation, it actually is a pretty cool move too!

PE2K Comics

Jentoh AdventuresNow I realize how complicated 3v3 battles can become!

Black & White Teams


Just Gotta

Pokemon Warpers


If you know of any Pokemon comics or other regularly-updated works, please let me know. You can contact me on the Forum.
Also, check out our list of actively updated Pokemon Comics!

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