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The band known as “The Presidents of the United States of America” performed a new Pokemon song for the PokĂ©mon Black and White launch event at Rockefeller Center in New York City last Saturday.

Nintendo has released the song, called “Can’t Stop Catchin’ ‘em All”, and it is available as a free download.
The Escapist:

Yeah, you could just say “Pot USA” or “The Presidents,” but that feels like a cop-out.

Whatever you want to call them, they were in New York City on Saturday to play at Nintendo’s official Pokemon Black & White launch event, where Poke-fans of all ages could pick the game up a day before its scheduled North American launch. It was there that they debuted their new Pokemon-themed song, “Can’t Stop Catchin’ ‘em All.”

Essentially this is the new “PokeRap” for the series’ Generation V games, only in this case it’s less rap and more alternative rock. Whatever it is, it’s pretty catchy.

Sources: Wired, The Escapist

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