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In Pokemon Black and White, the first gym you’ll come to is the Striaton City Gym.

You can’t challenge the gym right away. There is a guy blocking the entrance into the gym, whose name is Clyde. He is the dude in the front of every gym who gives out advice on how to defeat the gym leader. He’ll tell you that the Gym Leader went to the Trainer’s School.

At the school, you will battle Cheren. After you defeat him, head back to the gym. Cilan will be waiting at the entrance. Talk to him and then go inside.

There are three rooms divided by three curtains. The first curtain is red with a flame on it, meaning Fire. Step on the blue panel to make the curtain open. You’ll then be challenged by Waiter Maxwell. Defeat him.

The second curtain is blue with a water drop on it, meaning Water. Step on the green panel to open it up. You’ll the be challenged by Waitress Tia. The third and final curtain is green with a leaf on it, meaning Grass. Step on the red panel to open it up (or just say open sesame, whichever works).

Walk through the curtain and the Gym Leaders will introduce themselves. Cress will say the type of the starter Pokemon you started with, and then the gym leaders will move around. The gym leader you face is the one in the front of the other two.

Cilan will challenge you if you started with Oshawott. He will have a lv12 Lillipup and a lv14 Pansage.

Chili will challenge you if you started with Snivy. He will have a lv12 Lillipup and a lv14 Pansear.

Cress will challenge you if you started with Tepig. He will have a lv12 Lillipup and a lv14 Panpour.

All three have a Lillipup and an Elemental Monkey. My suggestion, use your starter on their Lillipup, and your Elemental Monkey on theirs. You can get your Monkey in the Dreamyard. When you defeat the Gym Leader, you’ll receive the Trio Badge and TM83, which is Work Up.

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