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In Pokemon Black and White, the second gym you’ll face is the Nacrene City Gym. The Gym Leader is Lenora, and she is a master of Normal-type Pokemon. The Gym is located in the Nacrene City Museum. On your first visit to the gym, N will pop out of the museum and challenge you, and once again, that’s a different story. Walk into the museum, and you’ll be greeted by Hawes, Lenora’s husband. He’ll give you a tour of the museum, and tell you that at the back of the museum, there is a Pokemon Gym.

The puzzle to the gym is simple. You’ll first be challenged by School Kid Carter. After that, go to the bookshelf on the left. Step on the ladder, and “read” the book. Each book you read has a different question.

After reading the first book, step off the ladder, and head to the middle row to the left. Step on the ladder and read that book.

After reading the second book book, step off the ladder, and make your way to the back of the gym. Find the bookshelf on the left and talk to the Scientist. She will ask you a question, answer yes. You will then be challenged by Scientist Satomi. After that, she’ll step down from the ladder, then it’ll be your turn to read the book. Read it.

You’ll then head back to the front row on the right. Step on the ladder and read that book. After that, head back to the middle row on the right.

School Kid Lydia is reading the very last book. Talk to her and answer yes to her question and then she’ll battle you. When you defeat her, the bookshelf will mysteriously move, and a staircase appears. Go down the staircase and you’ll be ready to face Gym Leader Lenora.

Lenora has a lv18 Herdier and a lv20 Watchog. If you have a Fighting-type, this gym will be easy. Her Herdier makes your Pokemon take some damage due to it using Take Down. Her Watchog loves to use Hypnosis to put your Pokemon to sleep, and it also loves to use Retaliate. When you defeat her, you’ll receive the Basic Badge and TM67, which is Retaliate.

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