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Trivia Contest

Not too long ago, a new minisite for Pok√©mon Black & White has been launched by Nintendo Australia. That website contains a few trivia questions. By answering those questions, you’ll get the chance to win exclusive prizes. If you’re interested, you can pay the website a visit, and give your best shot at answering those questions!

Those who have played through Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version would be at an advantage if you’ve worked to complete your PokéDex. You will be shown a variety of silhouettes in which you must name the Pokémon or guess its type.

Answer all the nine questions correctly and you will be given the title of Pokémon Trivia Master which you can then share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. So for your chance to win some great prizes, click here to visit the new website and show off your true Pokémon skills!

Source: PokemonAus

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