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It’s Generation 5 time! However, instead of looking into all of the Ghost Pokémon at once, I decided to post it in two parts again because I may not have the time to keep up the consistent reviews if I put all of them at once. We first look at the Pokémon who has Ghost as a primary type. Onward!

Yamask & Cofagrigus


Cofagrigus was the first Ghost-type to be announced, but his/her type was never mentioned. Being based on a sarcophagus was already a very brilliant idea, because mummies would always be an awesome thing, even though they aren’t actually mummies themselves. However, people hoped that Cofagrigus was part Rock, or part Ground, or even part Steel, due to that Sarcophagus. It’s quite inevitable that Cofagrigus is a Ghost-type, but Cofagrigus is actually a pure Ghost-type, which was a disappointment to many fans (me included), because fans generally like dual-types. Still, Cofagrigus is appropriately in the Mineral Egg Group, which is the Egg Group for types like those. However, that doesn’t matter, because Cofagrigus has an exclusive ability, which probably makes up for his/her lack of secondary type. One thing that surprised me is how Cofagrigus‚Äô Chinese name means ‚ÄúDeath Mirror‚ÄĚ, a description that I find amusing for the Pok√©mon.
The descriptions on the Pok√©Dex are quite interesting, to say the least. It says that Yamask was a dead spirit with a mask of the face of the deceased, and the fact that he/she was born from the deceased people of an ancient tomb. It does seem that he/she looks like he/she’s crying, with that small circle around both eyes. Cofagrigus, on the other hand, it is either more mischievous or helpful, because either he/she is said to like to turn people into mummies by eating them, or would punish graverobbers for their actions. However, it is agreed that their diet is an expensive one, because their favourite food is gold, which they are also made of. It sounds like they had been involved in cannibalism, if you ask me. Also, I know people see the white triangles below their eyes as their teeth, but to me, it looks like some necklace, and they actually don’t have teeth. Does anybody have the same viewpoint as me?
Mummy is a very funny ability. The reason is it doesn’t do anything on its own, meaning Cofagrigus isn’t going to benefit from this ability. However, if the opponent is “foolish” to use a contact move on Cofagrigus, he/she/it will be inflicted by the curse, causing them to acquire the ability. This ability will prevent the beneficial abilities the opponent has like Technician on Scizor (lowering damage output), Scrappy from Kanghaskhan (making Cofagrigus untouchable if she only has Normal and Fighting moves) or No Guard on Machamp (making many of his attacks unreliable). The good thing about this is that Cofagrigus is a very defensive Ghost, meaning that he/she can survive any hit, which is important for an ability like this. This ability always overrides any ability, meaning that Truant can even be negated, so Slaking can be a great partner to Cofagrigus. So if the current opponent in singles got Mummy (hoping they don’t switch soonafter) and switching to Slaking and use Pursuit on the opponent, which causes Slaking to lose that curse and become a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Regigigas cannot adopt the same strategy in Singles, simply because Regigigas cannot use Pursuit.
In the anime, there are two appearances of Yamask. The first is in the museum episode where Ash and gang was in a museum and came across a mask behind a glass that was thought to be a replica (which is actually a real Yamask mask), and disaster struck in the museum, even cumulating to Cilan (who was sceptical to the mystical stuff) being possessed by the mask until everyone understood the situation (Yamask cannot retrieve that mask). After that, that Yamask left. The other appearance is basically James’ first Unova Pokémon.
In competitive battling, they do have a sizable support movepool, which is, once again, an important thing for a defensive Ghost. They have Curse, Haze, Trick Room, Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Memento, Disable, Heal Block, Imprison, Destiny Bond, Mean Look, Grudge, Will-o-wisp and Power and Guard Split, which is a lot. The only lacking thing they have is Pain Split, because it would tremendously help them, since they don’t have much recovery. Moreover, Cofagrigus is quite slow, so Payback will not be as deadly to him/her (and the fact that the opponent will acquire Mummy). One way to use Cofagrigus is to have Nasty Plot and Trick Room, which makes Cofagrigus usually move first, not to mention having perfect coverage with just two moves (Shadow Ball and Hidden Power Fighting).
It seems that the designers decided Yamask and Cofagrigus are designed to be creepy, yet have a charm to them. Actually I think they did it, because their Dex entries make them seem creepy, but there is something about them that makes them likeable. What do I think of them? I think they are a fun pair of Ghosts, because they look like Egyptian-based Pokémon.
(Fun Fact: Yamask’s head is actually flat, which you can only see if you see it from the front or back. That makes them Pok√©mon with monocular vision.)
(Fun Fact 2: Cofagrigus’s name prevents it from being exported for wifi trade, because of a certain word in its name)
(Fun Fact 3: Yamask is the third Pok√©mon with “Y” in its English name, with the other two being Yanma and Yanmega)

8 wisps out of 10!


Litwick, Lampent & Chandelure


Fire-types were very rare in previous generations, but Generation 5 gave an upsurge on Fire-types, and these Pokémon are some of the Pokémon that has this type. On the PokéDex entries, the Pokémon is said to have a tendency to absorb souls out from people for their own benefit, which no doubt gives people the creeps, like every Ghost will, but they are the winner in this category, and people still like them, of course! They are indeed cute as live inanimate objects.
Their exterior does make some wonder if the fire is the one alive, or the fire-holder, or both. Being a Fire-type, it is indeed appropriate for them to be will-o-wisp holders, because they’re on fire and they’re Ghosts, of course! An interesting tidbit about this line is that it’s not initially a progression from candle to lamp to chandelier. Instead, the initial concept was from a sentient fire to a candle to a lamp, which confirms my suspicion that the fire is the one alive – only for the initial draft.
The progression from candle to lamp to chandelier is very interesting. It reminds me of on Hans Christian Anderson story “The Old Street Lamp”, which was about an old street lamp, and what happened to the old street lamp in the end was that it was remodelled into a candlestick to watch a poet’s works when rust was the status condition. Well, this doesn’t seem to be related, but the point is that a fire-holder can be melted into another form of fire-holder. That’s why it makes sense they can learn Acid Armour!
Now, in competitive battling, one thing that many people immediately notice is Chandelure’s Base 145 Special Attack, which is a very high number for a non-legendary Pok√©mon, and unlike Rampardos, many of his/her stats aren’t compromised, meaning that he/she still has some bulk and speed. That Special Attack can be further boosted by Calm Mind, and they do have some great Special moves to use, particularly Fire Blast, Overheat, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball and Psychic (Too bad they don’t have Thunderbolt, though). Being a Fire Pok√©mon, these Pok√©mon are indeed entitled to the Speed-boosting Flame Charge, although their low Attack prevents it from being powerful. However, they are very popular thanks to their Dream World ability Shadow Tag. Possessing those immunities and the high Special Attack, they are able to defeat their opponents while they can’t escape, and it’s even better if they are locked into a Fighting attack!
The anime showed us Lampent first for now in the Venipede swarm episode, who is one of Trip’s (the rival) Pokémon. I presume that he got it from his second appearance, since he had more Pokémon than what he had shown.
All in all, this family is one of the surprises in Generation 5: High Special Attack, 3 stage Ghost evolutionary line, and great Dream World ability…they have it all. And of course, they are appropriately creepy for a Ghost-type, so that’s why they are a great representatives to the Ghost-type.

10 wisps out of 10!

So this is it for now. Next time, we will take a look at the two remaining Ghost-type families. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading.

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