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Jim Avery, an editor of Nintedo Gal, wrote his vision of a Pokemon MMO.

It’s no secret that in Nintendo’s eyes, “Pokémon” is synonymous with “money”. The series has been going strong for over 12 years now, and every time a new main entry in the series comes out it eventually ranks up there with the best-selling titles on the system.

All good things, however, can become stale if they go too long without being updated. Pokémon manages to mostly avoid this, but every so often a complaint about this will arise. But I believe there’s a way to add a whole new dimension to the game without significantly altering the core mechanics that make the game great: what we need is a Pokémon MMO.

I can’t think of a single game franchise that is more suited to a MMO than Pokémon. If you consider many standard MMO elements, Pokémon has nearly all of them.

Naturally, Pokémon comes equipped with a nice lengthy solo adventure. Travel the region, collect gym badges, conquer Victory Road and defeat the Elite Four to become champion. Then work to complete your Pokédex by locating or catching them all – a trying task, one that can take dozens upon dozens of hours, which is perfect for a MMO.

Plus, you’d be exploring a lush, expansive world as you did so. You can’t say that Pokémon regions don’t have some vastness to them; you’ve got big cities here, forests there, large labyrinthian caves, ruins of an old civilization, a wide sea, islands… a Pokémon MMO would allow this world to be rendered in bright color and in a real 3D perspective. Getting a proper view of the world of Pokémon for the first time would make plenty of people curious right away.

Possibly the most compelling aspect is that of PVP. Battling other trainers on your journey is half the game already; the logical next step is to switch from CPU trainers to other players. You could add in a filter or something that only lets you see trainers around your level, perhaps, but this has to be the part of the game with the most potential. It might raise the difficulty somewhat, since all battles would have to be lost by somebody, but for a MMO you’d need a nice long adventure anyhow.

Making Pokémon into a MMO would also increase the socializing options. There are already plenty of social aspects that are inherent to the game. Trading with other players, battling, contests, etc. But something Nintendo has always tried to push in their games is “do fun stuff with your Pokémon”. Take them for walks, dress them up, earn them ribbons; people put a lot of pride into their Pokémon. What better way to show off your party than in a MMO? Thousands would see your battling/dress-up prowess.

And besides that, there’s just a huge bunch of random stuff you can do. Fishing, casinos, ribbons, poffins, Safari Zone, Pokéathlon… seriously, do I need to go on? There is so much random stuff to do in a Pokémon game, and that works out perfectly for a MMO as well. God knows how many hours I wasted playing Voltorb Flip alone in SoulSilver. If you want, you could totally dedicate yourself to achieving something entirely separate from the main quest; there could even be leaderboards for some things.

Some people might think of the game as too “kiddy” for them, but I know that plenty of 20-year-olds out there, or even older, are still playing Pokémon and would stand in line for days to get their hands on this. You could even put it on the Wii, or whatever next-generation console Nintendo has in mind, so long as the online service isn’t terrible.

I don’t care how you do it, Nintendo, just make this happen! You guys are sitting on a gold mine, and countless console sales, if I know anything about video games. Plus, my inner child needs to beat down a 10-year-old’s level 50 Pikachu with my Ho-Oh.

Source: Nintendo Gal

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