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The Official Pokémon Website has released a new mini-game, which works like the arcade game Breakout.

There are a few levels you will need to complete. If you complete them, you’ll get the chance to receive an Eevee evolution of your choice once you connect to Global Link when it launches.

There are seven evolutions you can choose from. Each one will be level ten and has its Dream World ability. Below is the list:

Vaporeon | Hydration

Jolteon | Quick Feet

Flareon | Guts

Espeon | Magic Bounce

Umbreon | Inner Focus

Leafeon | Chlorophyll

Glaceon | Ice Body
If you want any one of thoee Pokémon, make a Pokémon Trainer Club account, and give the game your best shot!

Source: PokemonAus

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