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A Word From Your Editor

By Ataro
I was more busy last week so I wasn’t able to get the newsletter up. It was a bit of a shame since my contributors (thanks!) had already sent me the data compilation for the _____ Of The Week, but I still couldn’t get it up. But fret not! In this special issue, we will have a double scoop of every serving! Not sure what I mean? You will find out soon enough.
I happen to be rather excited about this issue as well. Because we’re hiring! More information will be revealed in the Announcements section. And if you happen to be a fan of the interviews I do (surprisingly, you are one of the few!), there’s no interviews in this issue. DON’T FEEL SAD.

News And Events

By Ataro
March Quiz
The monthly URPG Quiz is up again! However, this time, it seems like there is a huge twist in what questions are asked. Ranging from a wide range of mathematical calculations, battle refereeing, finding and searching, etc. – you should definitely try it if you like challenges. Quickly complete the quiz and send to Pidge before it’s too late, as it ends in approximately one more day!
Click Here!
Winter Writing Competition: Winner!
The competition has ended, and Natorei emerged victorious with a one point lead ahead of Taras Bulba. Congratulations, both of you! And if you were looking to pick Diagla as your legend of choice from whatever possible means, you’ve just lost your chance. :wink:
Click Here!
Christmas RP Prize List Out!
The prizes for the Christmas RP event has finally been posted! There seems to be a good amount of interesting items, ranging from Pok√©mon prizes for the winners (1st: Neonsands, 2nd: Bumblebee, 3rd: HikaruIzumi), and there are even runner up items for the rest of the participants. If you had participated in it but haven’t claimed your prize yet, hurry over to the National Park!
Click Here!
Easter Event 2011
Want to have a say in what event the URPG should have for this year’s event? Get over here and vote!
Click Here!
BMG Anniversary Auction
To celebrate the anniversary of our branch РBMG, there will be an auction! It could also be said that this auction is a B/W Auction, for the Pokémon that would be auctioned are all B/W exclusive Pokémons!
Click Here!
Avid National Park Roleplayer?
Well, if you are, this is something for you to be excited about! The one week waiting period is now removed! Like finally, right? :wink:
Click Here!
Want a Story Deal?
Story deals have been a part of the URPG since forever. However, there is now a thread for you to specifically ask for story deals and such, since Alaskapigeon offered to manage the thread. Think of it as a Trading Machine, except in a story way of kind thought!
Click Here!
Gyms & Elite Four Applications
There is an open E4 spot up for application. Pastoria Gym is open as well! Quickly apply for it if you want to be a Pokémon Master!!! Or be as cool as Crasher Wake!!!

Click Here!


If you don’t know yet, we do take in announcement requests for The URPG Times. Don’t worry, for it is free of charge! If you would like to display an announcement for whatever reason, or shoutouts, just PM them to me. Of course, please keep it appropriate.

By Ataro
Have you ever wanted to contribute to the URPG Times but don’t know how to? Have you ever wanted a professional job in the URPG? Have you ever … uh just wanted to do something, whatever. If you’re interested in one of the positions for the URPG Times, fill up the Application Form and post in that thread. Of course, current contributors have higher priorities. The following people;
FFAs: Gmandiddy
Trainer Of The Week: Gmandiddy
Story Of The Week: Evanfardreamer, Scourge of Nemo, Ebail
Roleplayer Of The Week: WinterVines, Buzzer
Spendthrift Of The Week: Neonsands
If you’d like to continue to help, just say something alone the lines of ‘Confirmed’ or whatever, you don’t have to fill up the application form. If you’d like to work for one of the sections already listed above, but they also have ‘MULTIPLE OPENS’ written in the URPG Times Employees & Sections post, feel free to apply still.


By HKim
Could you include a notice about the new Interactive Adventures starting up on PE2K?
Here is the main thread:
This was inspired in part by the URPG’s own Digital Labs. A lot of members were interested in that, so they might like these new adventures being created or interested in creating their own.


By AceTrainer14
Can you put in a notice in the URPG Times saying I’m leaving and am looking for people who would like a Pokemon in the Gift Station? Say that a certain number of people are being given priority, so after that, it’s free rein. Reserved Pokemons would be marked in red, and Flareon will be staying with me since it’s my starter. And I will be giving away what I have, and not getting any Pokemon specifically for your request.


Trading Section

By Ataro
The following are UFT offers. Do check the the Trading Machine if you see a Pok√©mon that you’re interested in!

  • Rohypnol: Charizard, Kingdra, Mr. Mime
  • Bumblebee: Alakazam, Arbok, Clefable, Driftblim, Dunsparce, Dustox, Gallade Grumpig, Hariyama, Kangaskhan, Mantine, Mawile, Parasect, Shiftry, Spinda, Typhlosion, Wormadam


Special Coverage – BW Tournament: Round One

By Ataro
This is a special coverage I have for the ongoing tournament! The interesting things to talk and comment about is of course … the bets. :cool: We had 8 people bet on the likely winning trainer for each match (I only took in account of bets before the first/second match starts). Here are the statistics.
Husnain: [79.1% Hit]] [20.9% Miss] (19/24 ; 5/24)
Roulette Dares: [70.8% Hit] [29.2% Miss] (17/24 ; 7/24)
Pidge: [66.7% Hit] [33.3% Miss] (16/24 ; 8/24)
Team Evolution: [66.7% Hit] [33.3% Miss] (16/24 ; 8/24)
pman: [58.3% Hit] [41.7% Miss] (14/24 ; 10/24)
JokesterJesse: [54.2% Hit] [45.8% Miss] (13/24 ; 11/24)
Alaskapigeon: [45.8% Hit] [54.2% Miss] (11/24 ; 13/24)
Æther: [41.7% Hit] [58.3% Miss] (10/24 ; 14/24)
Interested in who will be the best predictor for Round Two next? Tune in to the next issue.


Stats Collected By Ataro
While there are no prizes for this, we get to have a good overall look at FFA winners for this week. And cheer, or make some noise, or something else.

  • 1/7th: Fierce Deity with Kingdra, reffed by Derian. Special Rule: First Pokemon to get a KO receives +2 to a stat of their choice.
  • 1/26th: Soda with Starmie, reffed by Monbrey. Special Rule: N/A.
  • 1/28th: Pidge with Arceus, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: Snatched stat-ups cannot be re-Snatched but the next stat-up in line is fair game.
  • 1/6th: Team Evolution with Zekrom, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: N/A.
  • 1/16th: ChainReaction01 with Medicham, reffed by Team Evolution. Special Rule: Bounty placed on Random Pokemon, if killed then the Bounty Hunter receives +$250 and +1 random stat.
  • 1/9th: Pidge with Salamence, reffed by Stinky. Special Rule: KO a Pokemon to be fully healed.
  • 1/23th: ChainReaction01 with Tangrowth, reffed by Pidge. Special Rule: All Pokemon have Prankster as a second ability.



No submissions still. XDDD
Remember, I pay $1,500 for each submission. You don’t have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to me, Ataro.

Pokémon Of The Week

Randomly Chosen By Ataro

… What’s this? Espeon again!? It looks like its psychic powers aren’t just for display. Did you ever heard of the phrase – third time’s the charm? If Espeon becomes the POTW yet again, I swear Pok√©mon aren’t virtual monsters! Don’t see the link? Well, never mind. Doesn’t it look like I’m ranting? Don’t want to hear anymore? Then, you Espeon owners just claim your $1,500 already!

Awww, it’s a Tyranitar! It’s actually really cute when it doesn’t frown! Look at that picture! WELL, YOU TYRANITAR OWNERS GET TO CLAIM YOUR $1,500 TOO!

Trainer Of The Week

Stats Collected By Ataro
For the Week of 3/19 – 3/25, our TOTW is Bumblebee with an amazing number of 91 total battles done! We also have Morru Magnum as the top trainer for most number of non-basic battles completed – 21 battles. Congrats both of you! Both of you are the new owners of $1,500 URPG dollars each! Just reply to this thread to claim your prizes.
For the Week of 3/26 – 4/1, there have been a noticeable drop in the number of battles being done as well. WHAT IS HAPPENING!? Anyway, Morru Magnum is our TOTW for completing a total of 17 battles, while eternus_situs is also our TOTW for completing the most number of non-basic battles – 11 battles. Both of you are the new owners of $1,500 URPG dollars each as well! Just reply to this thread to claim your prizes.

Story Of The Week

By Scourge of Nemo & Ebail respectively
“That awkward moment where your partner knocks you out because you didn’t mention that you knew where his fianc√©e disappeared to.” Yeah. It happens. This week’s (3/19 – 3/25) SOTW is SiberianTiger! This story starts along the lines of the usual grand-theft-auto story exploded to the nth degree. Replace “auto” with “Pok√©mon,” add in a plot twist or three, and you have… well, Legend of the Thief. The latest addition has a nice balance of rough-and-tumble action and situational humor, with a smidgen of mystery and plot. Quite a fun read. You’ll probably want to backtrack to the first few chapters and catch up, though. Congrats, ST! You’ve won a grand prize of $1,500! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.
This week’s (3/26 – 4/1) SOTW is an interesting story called The Blob by FlammenWarfare. Without spoiling too much of the story for you; this story attempts to capture both a Solosis, and a Elgyem. Two trainers trade Pokemon with each other, however one is unhappy with the end result of the trade and attempts to get their Pokemon back which leads to an amusing event. It also shows how a Pokemon can react to a trainer regardless of ownership or badges. This story is a good read and approved for all ages, I recommend reading it when you have the chance. Congrats, Flammen! You’ve won a luxurious prize of $1,500! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.

Roleplayer Of The Week

By WinterVines
This week’s (3/19 – 3/25) ROTW is We The Pichus…! As far as I know, he’s never been to the National Park before now. It makes me wonder if he’s had some sort of role playing or creative expereince though, because he pulls it off like a pro. His character is a snarky nine year old with a hilarious name and a fun story personality. WTP does a great job writing about a character so different from him (at least I’m pretty sure he’s not nine and doesn’t shout a lot or kick people…). You should check it out for a good laugh. Congrats, WTP! You’ve won a humongous prize of $1,500! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.
For the week of 3/26 – 4/1, the ROTW is Bumblebee! I haven’t seen anyone speed through a run like he can. The best part is that it’s all good quality too. Forget Refbot: Bee is a Parkbot. Bee always plays interesting characters (a good deal of them always seem to be up to mischief too >.>), and he has interesting combinations of moves to make battles more fun and entertaining. Besides going through his own runs, he also Rangers, so definitely check him out if he’s free for a speedy run. Also, I hear his dice aren’t mean, unlike someone else’s I know :3 Congrats Bumblebee! You’ve won a SUPER LARGE + UPSIZE prize of $1,500! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.

Spendthrift Of The Week

Stats Collected By Neonsands
For the week of 3/19 – 3/25, we have ChainReaction01 as our winner! He spent a whopping amount of $141,500! Congrats, you get a rebate of $1,500! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.
And for the week of 3/26 – 4/1, we have Derian as our winner! He spent an incredible amount of … $34,000. If you’re thinking the same thoughts as me, I honestly think it’s because of the BMG Anniversary auction, so everyone’s saving up money. Well, our URPG economy have had great losses over this week. :banghead: Regardless, Derian, you get a rebate of $1,500 too! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.

Closing Comment

Remember to go over to the HQ thread and post your application form if you’re interested to become an employee of the URPG Times, and perhaps, some small amount of cash. :tongue:
That’s all. I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue! Thanks again to all of my loyal contributors. <3

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