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A Word From Your Editor

By Ataro
This week’s content is definitely richer than before. Broadening out with an official roster of URPG employees, both current contributors and completely new staff, we’re set to make the newsletter an even better part of the URPG! Sounds like Harry? No, it doesn’t! Don’t get me banned.
In the month of April, we bring you the latest news and happenings in the URPG. We also have a special coverage reporting on the aftermath of the BMG Anniversary Auction. Who’s so damn rich enough to throw everything away in an attempt to win a bid? Who’s so conservative enough that … they still managed to win a bid? We also bring you not one, not two, but THREE COMIC SUBMISSIONS. In all honesty, they were pretty creative and I did find a couple of them rather amusing. Adding on to the Gym Leader Interviews that we do each week, we now also have a Featured Member Interview done for each week. Are you already excited to find out who is that certain member? Read through to find out!

Content Page

  1. A Word From Your Editor
  2. News And Events
  3. Announcements
  4. Trading Section
  5. Special Coverage: BW Tournament
  6. Special Coverage: BMG Anniversary Auction
  7. FFAs
  8. Comics
  9. Featured Member Interview Q&A
  10. Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A
  11. Pokémon Of The Week
  12. Trainer Of The Week
  13. Story Of The Week
  14. Roleplayer Of The Week
  15. Spendthrift Of The Week
  16. Closing Comment


News And Events

By Ataro
Daycare Waiting Time & Related Items
The waiting time for your daycare Pokémon has been adjusted to just one day! No longer do you have to wait for three to five days just so your Pokémon can learn a daycare move. All it takes now is simply 24 hours, regardless of whether your Pokémon is a basic or a fully evolved Pokémon! In addition, the item, Heart Scale, now allows you to get a daycare move immediately, free of charged, while the item, Daycare Ticket, now allows you to get a free trip in still, but it only takes 24 hours to complete learning those moves.
Click Here!
Spiffy Grader Competition!
The grading competition is back again! For all of you guys that aren’t sure what it is; it is a competition that occurs once every couple of months where prizes will be handed for the person that presents the best grades. In addition, there might be prizes handed out if many graders compete and thus; complete grading for any possible story backlogs. The grading period lasts from April 4th to April 14th, so hurry over and participate. Not only will you help out the URPG community by grading stories, you might also stand a chance to win prizes!
Click Here!
Trainer Stats: Accurate Record Keeping
This is merely a reminder to all of you, that you’re required, and it’s your duty, to keep track of your stats accordingly. The more forgotten stats at the moment include amount of battles completed and wherever you obtained the Pokémon. Remember, you have to keep an accurate record of your Win/Draw/Loss record. Do visit the link for more information.
Click Here!
Spring Collaboration Contest
The writing competition for the season of Spring has arrived! For all of you lovely writers and those that want to give it a shot for the amazing prizes that can be won, do hurry over and visit the thread for more information!
Click Here!
New Grader
This guy is kind of amazing. He is an incredibly active referee. He is also quite an impressive ranger. But now, he has gained new ranks in the position of a Grader! Let’s hope this almighty Bumblebee can continue to rise in the ranks of URPG!
Click Here!
Gym Applications
Cerulean and Striaton Gym are currently open! Hurry over to the Apply for a Gym thread if you’re interested to own one of those gyms! For you smart ones that don’t know what types they are; Cerulean is a Water-type Gym, and Striaton is a Fire/Grass/Water-type Gym. Pummelo Gym is also open, but that gym is always neglected. Do apply if you’re interested and eligible though!
Click Here!


If you don’t know yet, we do take in announcement requests for The URPG Times. Don’t worry, for it is free of charge! If you would like to display an announcement for whatever reason, or shoutouts, just PM them to me. Of course, please keep it appropriate.

By August13th


By Husnain


By We Taste Pies…


By Stinky
My Ferrothorn is NUKEM ready once I evolve my Ferroseed!!!


Trading Section

By MuddyMudkip
The following are UFT offers. Do check the the Trading Machine if you see a Pokémon that you’re interested in!
Wrave: Gastrodon
Nyurgh: Ambipom, Drapion, Shedinja, Swampert, Ursaring, Victreebel (Note: He’s mainly looking for: Venomoth, Galvantula, Volcarona, and Scolipede.)
Morru Magnum: Jolteon
FlammenWarfare: Electivire, Escavalier, Poliwrath, Rampardos
Stinky: Claydol, Honchkrow, Mamoswine, Politoed
TheJrTrainer: Mismagius

Special Coverage – BW Tournament: Round Two

By Ataro
Excited for the top predictor for Round Two!? I’m afraid I would have to disappoint. Due to the extension of the dateline, I’d have to delay this coverage till the next issue, since I need to have the round finished before I can process the results. Worry not! Tune in to the next issue for your special coverage!

Special Coverage: BMG Anniversary Auction

By Ataro
This is a special section for the auction, where we capitalize on the sheer stupidity of people’s bidding prices, while they continue to laugh at us for winning the Pokémon that we had wanted. So who’s stupid in the end? I have no idea.
This was a list of the Pokémons that were auctioned. We take a good look at the winning bid price and their original value (based on minimum characters required for URPG stories). They are listed numerically in the amount of difference between the winning bid price and original market value. MV = Market Value. D = Difference.

  1. Mystery: Larvesta – Bumblebee for 225k (MV: 40k) (D: 185k)
  2. Ground: Drilbur – Bumblebee for 79k (MV: 30k) (D: 49k)
  3. Fire: Litwick – Buzzer for 66k (MV: 20k) (D: 46k)
  4. Grass: Cottonee – Pman for 41k (MV: 10k) (D: 31k)
  5. Normal: Minccino – Fawkes for 40.5k (MV: 10k) (D: 30.5k)
  6. Ghost: Golett – Sec for 50k (MV: 20k) (D: 30k)
  7. Psychic: Solosis – Poke123 for 49k (MV: 20k) (D: 29k)
  8. Steel: Klink – Mubz for 42.5k (MV: 20k) (D: 22.5k)
  9. Electric: Stunfisk – Gmandiddy for 42k (MV: 20k) (D: 22k)
  10. Ice: Vanillite – Derian for 40.5k (MV: 20k) (D: 20.5k)
  11. Fighting: Timburr – Ayotui for 39k (MV: 20k) (D: 19k)
  12. Water: Frillish – Husnain for 35k (MV: 20k) (D: 15k)
  13. Bug: Joltik – MaverickKaiser for 35k (MV: 20k) (D: 15k)
  14. Dark: Zorua – Team Evolution for 42k (MV: 30k) (D: 12k)
  15. Dragon: Druddigon – Near for 41k (MV: 30k) (D: 11k)
  16. Flying: Sigilyph – Ataro for 40k (MV: 30k) (D: 10k)
  17. Poison: Trubbish – FlammenWarfare for 26k (MV: 20k) (D: 6k)
  18. Rock: Dwebble – Turtwig A for 23k (MV: 20k) (D: 3k)

So, it seems like our craziest spender is Bumblebee, whom spent 225k on a Larvesta when the market value of one was only 40k. That’s not all! He also spent 79k on a Drillbur, whose market value ranged at only 30k. Our most conservative bidder is Turtwig A, whom spent 23k for a Dwebble; market value priced at 20k. A great auction overall, I’d say! Our invisible URPG banker has just earned 956.5k from this one auction itself! :kawaii:


Stats Collected By Gmandiddy & MuddyMudkip
While there are no prizes for this, we get to have a good overall look at FFA winners for this week. And cheer, or make some noise, or something else.

  • 1/25th: Husnain with Starmie, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: Black and White Auction FFA, top 5 win prizes
  • 1/17th: Dust with Conkeldurr, reffed by FlammenWarfare. Special Rule: You may choose to use the fully evolved form of a Pokemon that was auctioned in the B/W Auction.

  • 1/22th: Buzzer with Xatu, reffed by ChainReaction01. Special Rule: Auto Sub, and Sub Banned



Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, I pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don’t have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to me, Ataro.

Spend It All On Larvesta By Ryoku

HE JUST GOT HUSNAINED! By eternus_situs

(Click to enlarge/view)
Thank you for your submissions! Ryoku, you can collect your pay as an employee in the HQ thread. Eternus_situs and Pidge, you get to collect $1,500 each for your submission! Simply reply to this thread to claim your prize.

Featured Member Interview Q&A – TheEvilDookie

By Alaskapigeon
As I walked towards the URPG Times’ meeting room, I felt an unusual amount of anxiety. Today I would be interviewing a URPG member few had dared to interview before; those who had ended up walking away with severe damage to their ear drums. Today I would be interviewing TED.
I slipped into the meeting room and found myself face to face with the infamous vet. I gulped and sat down, already anticipating the screaming match that was sure to follow.
“Can I interview you for the URPG Times?”
He seemed surprised and chuckled. “Okay.”
“Mmkay,” I said nervously. “First question: What do you think of BMG’s leadership?” I winced. There was no way this line of questioning would end well.
To my surprise, TED merely looked thoughtful for a moment before replying. “Are you kidding me? I think it’s run horribly. They treat the community like we’re all children and yet they don’t even bother to filter out profanity. Make up your mind.”
Huh. I might actually be able to do this. I shuffled rapidly through the notes I had brought.
“And your opinion on the recent April Fools’ Day prank?”
“It was funny and original, but could have been planned better. When I heard that they would transfer stats pages I got suspicious, because how would the users edit their pages then? ST was a great person to play the role of Mr. Rage.”
I laughed in agreement. “I thought it was awesome. On that note, if you had to pick, Stinky or ST?”
“ST easily. Stinky’s a whiny ***** and I hate him.”
Okay, I thought, it would be good not to ask that again. I rapidly changed the subject. “Who do you think will win the BW tourney?”
“Too early to tell, but I’d like to see Mikey go far. I’d also watch out for Pokeviper. He may be new, but he’s got potential.”
I looked back at my notes. Crap. I had forgotten to write more questions. I vaguely remembered a party the night before. Bandi might have eaten the rest of my notes. I reached into my bag and pulled out some older questions I had used for earlier interviews. Found it. “What do you think of Harry’s new healthcare policy?”
“Harry needs to grow some balls.” He paused for a moment. “And is that an Obama joke?”
“….Maybe,” I conceded. TED laughed again. In truth, the question had been left over from the URPG’s Townhall Debate, but if it made him happy….
“Final question: What is today?”
“Sunday, but I wish I knew what came after. Rebecca Black never taught me.”
“We so excited, we, we so excited,” I added, then began stuffing my papers back into my bag. “Thanks for your help, TED.”
“Woop,” he responded and got up. He then flipped over the table we had been sitting at and left. Well. I might have to replace the furniture, but at least I survived.
Until next time, that is. Alaskapigeon signing out.

Featured Gym Leader Interview Q&A – Bloodhand (pman)

By Bloodhand (pman)
So it’s that time again, when our gym reporter Pman, gets out his electronic dice and rolls them to see which gym will be interviewed this week. “Let’s see now, 5, that’s Sinnoh. Which gym is it, now a 6, that’s Canalave. I wonder who the leader there is. Oh wait…it’s me.”
That’s right folks, this week, I get to talk about my favourite thing, ME!
So what’s it like being the leader of a gym like Canalave? For one thing, you grow to detest even mention of the word fire in relation to Pokémon. All bar one of my mons is weak and three are double weak. I also hate moves like sunny day and Drought is the worst ability in existence. At the same time it’s awesome, all the best trainers have to beat you if they want to challenge the elite 4 and Pidge, our illustrious champion.
The best thing about being a leader is just that, getting to battle the best of the best on their way through. It’s the guys that pick you up, throw you around then laugh at the smoking corpses of your Pokémon that will actually go somewhere.
Why did I become a leader? Luck, and lots of it, I was actually trying to get a psychic gym so I had a Metagross in my team. I also had Forretress because it’s insanely defensive and therefore good for getting a long way in a FFA. I also happened to be in temporary possession of a Magnezone that I’d traded for Machop and was trying to trade for a psychic mon when an opening at Canalave Gym came up. I had the right mons so I took the job having always looked up to the gym leaders.
Being a leader has drastically altered my battle style, I no longer focus on all out attack, I’ve had to learn to be defensive which has been good for my game. 5th gen has even taught me to be offensive with defence. A good status ailment and Ferrothorn put together can really do some damage.
My favourite Gym Pokémon is clearly my Metagross, it’s a tank. It can soak up damage whilst sweeping entire teams if used efficiently or it can go life orb and burn itself to bits killing, send itself to sleep and go again.
In terms of overall favourite, I always did like Alakazam, back in the day before they split moves into special and physical based on how they worked and elemental punches and psychic Alakazam could theoretically sweep a team, the only thing that ever took mine down was a Kingdra.
As for the techniques I use, there are a fair few, one of my favourite battles is one where I unsuccessfully tried to open by making the opponent fall in love the parafuse it, all with one mon. Plan was then spikes, toxic spikes and stealth rock so I could go on a life orb rampage with my Metagross.
Some of my favourite battles have actually been losses. There is one memorable one against Team Evolution that I mentioned in the above paragraph, which was pretty epic. There was also my 5.5 hour marathon against bumblebee, neither of us could think straight at the end and it just became a switchathon. Epic fun and I ended up forfeiting because he clearly deserved the badge.
My favourite was, ironically enough, against the trainer known as Win. He has challenged my gym many times and one particular equation, we both had to send our last Pokémon at the same time, but I had to send first, being a DP battle (2v2), I managed to force him into a situation so that whatever mon he sent out, it would be OHKO’d, and my mon was holding a focus sash.
I also thought I’d throw an open invite to all trainers, come and challenge Canalave Gym, we have cookies.

Pokémon Of The Week

Randomly Chosen By Gmandiddy
In every issue of the URPG Times, I will randomly choose a “Pokémon Of The Week”. If you’re a member of the URPG, and you happen to have that Pokémon, you will win $1,000! Just reply to this thread to claim your money! It’s that simple!

From Bulbapedia
??? is a parakeet-like Pokémon that has a black-colored head similar to an eighth note as well as a tail like a metronome, also black in coloration. It is brightly colored with blue wings, a pink beak and eyelids, a yellow “bib” and talons, and a green stomach. It also possess a white collar similar to a ruff.


Think you know that Pokémon? That’s right! It’s Chatot! All of you Chatot owners just reply to this thread to claim your $1,000!

Trainer Of The Week

Stats Collected By Gmandiddy & MuddyMudkip
Our Trainer Of The Week is MaverickKaiser with 90 total battles completed! We also have ChainReaction01 as our top trainer for most number of non-basic battles completed: 13 battles. Congrats, you two! Both of you get to claim $1,500 each. Just reply to this thread to claim your prizes.

Story Of The Week

By Ebail
Our Story Of The Week is Through the Shadows by MuddyMudkip. Do you like spies? Do you like Pokémon battling other Pokémon just for training? Do you like searching caves for Pokémon? Well I do, and if you do as well; you will enjoy this story. This story has a young spy training so that they can become better at their job, which they have no choice but to keep. Why do they have to keep it though? Why are they searching a cave? Read to find out why! Therefore, you get to claim $1,500 too! Just reply to this thread to claim your prize.

Roleplayer Of The Week

By Buzzer & WinterVines
As Winter will confirm, PokeViper is our ranger of the week this week, though it is his first time on a journey through the park, we see his quality of posts is getting gradually better. He has introduced an interesting character to roleplay with tht actually shows differing emotions, which is sometimes missing in the National Park. Also he is making use of a wide variety of moves to get to his targets. Plus Winter gave him some epic rolls for mons which I want

This week’s Role Player of the week is PokeViper. He’s currently on a run through Mt. Oktori, battling some B/W mons. Viper adds a lot of depth in his Roleplaying, making his character more interesting and seeming to act like any real person would. His posts are getting steadily better as harder mons and tougher battles show up. Check it out if you need ideas or a good read.

Well, PokeViper, you got through both of our judges. Congrats! You get to claim $1,500 as your prize. Simply reply to this thread to claim.

Spendthrift Of The Week

Stats Collected By Neonsands
Our Spendthrift Of The Week is Neonsands himself! He spent a total amount of $138,500. Overall, the grand total amount of money spent is obviously greater than last week’s. Look’s like our economy is picking up again! Well, stats collector, just reply to this thread to claim your prize!

Closing Comment

Hi, I’m tired and I would like to stop talking crap for now. People who helped with this issue, remember to head over to HQ thread to collect your wages in a bit. YES, I LIKE SEPARATING THEM LIKE THAT. :happy:

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