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The miracle of birth is always a wondrous moment. Seeing new life brings about great joy to everybody. Then you bring the baby home and that is when the trouble begins. Ash and friends discovery the joys of parenthood in Scraggy-Hatched to be Wild!


Ash’s egg hatches into a Scraggy.

Ash’s Scraggy and Iris’s Axew have a battle that results in a draw.

Jessie, James and Meowth meets Dr. Zager who conducts a quick experiment on the stolen meteorite.


Happy Little Scraggy

The egg, after many weeks of being carried around, has finally hatched into a Scraggy. This makes Ash’s sixth Pokemon within the Unova region. It is amazing how quickly Ash gains Pokemon, yet at the same time we have seen little development for at least half of them. I wonder how the anime will address this later on seeing that we still have five more gyms and surely many more Pokemon to see. Hopefully all of Ash’s Pokemon will be developed somewhat evenly or we may see similarities to the Indigo saga where the Pokemon didn’t see development until later on. Then again, it seems like the writers have been drawing significant inspiration from that saga minus the pacing and how fast Ash gained Pokemon.

Scraggy also happens to be Ash’s first dark type Pokemon and it is interesting to note that they didn’t mention that it was part Dark. I don’t even recall if they even mention Scraggy’s typing. Sometimes the anime seems to avoid things like ‘Dark’ which is a bit ridiculous since the majority of viewers have played the games and know about Dark types. I wonder how Scraggy’s typing will play out overall during the progression of the series and if the writers will acknowledge the fact that Psychic Pokemon attacks don’t work on Dark types.

Scraggy seems to be a bit rough around the edges. Clearly they are making him out to be a ‘rough’ and ‘tough’ Pokemon with the endless Headbutts. Mostly all talk and little bite but that is expected since the Pokemon is still a hatchling. I’m glad that the writers brought up the idea that ‘too many headbutts is bad for you’ thing. Also, I love how they decided to use Scraggy’s skin flap as a way to defend itself. I can’t wait to see that in later episodes.

Team Effort

Most of Ash’s Pokemon haven’t been given much screen time but it’s satisfying to see them all in this episode. Each of Ash’s Pokemon had some sort of role. And, of course, every time Ash gains a new Pokemon, there is some jealousy.

It is an interesting twist I admit. How something like this can get out of hand. It was funny to see the reaction from some of Ash’s Pokemon when they greeted Scraggy. My personal favorite was a tie between Pidove and Snivy. It was funny to see Pidove happily take the hits before yelling in pain, while Snivy gracefully dodged all of Scraggy’s Headbutts.

In the end the whole story tied up nicely when Scraggy learned that he shouldn’t compete against his fellow teammates but to depend on them. It didn’t feel rushed nor dragged out.

Sibling Rivalry

This was surely the most interesting development of the episode. I didn’t see the idea of Scraggy becoming a training partner for Axew. Surely the dragon Pokemon needed somebody on it’s level to spar with since all of Ash’s and Cilan’s Pokemon are overpowered. It is sensible for two newly hatched Pokemon to work together to become stronger. On one hand we won’t see Scraggy fighting in impressive and meaningful battles, but this should lead to the development of two potentially mini powerhouses.

Team Rocket: Doing stuff

OH! Pretty rock shines pretty. Does some shiny stuff.

Clearly they are building something up with Team Rocket that surely will be awesome. Something that may involve an overlaying story plot. Something that has many parts to it. It’s just hard to really care since this is all stuff the writers are pulling out of nowhere when we have an actual villainous team that could be receiving this focus *cough Team Plasma cough*.

Also the Rocket subplot pacing is too slow.

Final Thoughts

This episode sets up the potential for many great things later on in the series. It just depends if the writers will act upon it. If they do, then the series will improve. If these things fall though the cracks, then it becomes another thing to be disappointed about.

The episode gets an ‘A’ for effort for at least being good.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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