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Continuing on with Major Battles, I present to you…Pokemon Trainer Bianca! In the main story line, she gave you your very first battle. She is from Nuvema Town, Unova, just like you and Cheren. Afer you defeat the Elite Four, N, and Ghetsis you can battle Bianca every Saturday. You will find her in Professor Juniper’s Laboratory in Nuvema Town.

Her team consists of:

  • Stoutland lv63

  • Simisear/Simipour/Simisage lv63
  • Musharna lv63
  • Mienshao lv63
  • Chandelure lv63
  • Samurott/Serperior/Emboar lv65

You’ll receive $6500 for winning. None of her Pokemon are holding items.

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