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The Official Pok√©mon Elite 2000 Podcast is up and running again – this time under the leadership of our very own Grace (member, Graceful_Suicune) – and it’s coming back at full force! Although Mike (member, PE2K Voices) and Grace have already done an intro podcast, Gemma (Gem N Ems) and Caleb (XaiakuX) decided to join the fun for the podcast’s official first episode, featuring Pok√©mon #255, Torchic.

Torchic - #255


What is the PE2K Podcast? Um, don’t you remember the podcasts? The last one was only a year ago. Sheesh. But the point is, the PE2K podcast is basically some kind of chat show designed for your entertainment, brought to you by members of PE2K. The old one was hosted by Charbok, and there was a frequent team which got together on specific days and chatted about pokemon, gaming, and anything else that happened to come up. Each episode was based around a specific pokemon, and the podcasts would launch from there.

There are numerous ways to listen to the podcast, including downloading and subscribing to the podcast via iTunes. For more details, please click here. For highlights and all other things relating to the podcast, they also have a YouTube account. However, this will not be the full episode. Keep checking back each week for more episodes including Grace, Mike, Gemma and Caleb, and perhaps at some point pending members like MYSTERY MEW and yours truly!

Feel free to email or PM them anything you want to ask to do with the podcast. They love to hear feedback from their listeners, and they would love even more to answer them. Send an email to if you have any comments, questions and/or criticism.

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