Welcome to the first PE2K Pokemon of the Month announcement. From this point forward, a different Pokemon family will be selected for analysis each month. In order to explore the essence, origin and future of these Pokemon, we will bring you a selection of informative articles, inspirational artwork and creative writing pieces that showcase their unique designs and abilities.

The first Pokemon of the Month are Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite, the original Dragon-type Pokemon. Native to Kanto, these Pokemon are so rare they’re considered almost mythical. The Dragonite family possess many special skills, including near-human intelligence, extreme speed and the ability to control the weather.

You may participate in Pokemon of the Month by joining the PE2K Forum, posting comments on articles, entering competitions and submitting your own work to be shared on the PE2K website.

Keep an eye on the forum for upcoming contests and Pokemon giveaways this month.

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