Dratini Sugimori

The POTM team bring you another exciting event for POTM; Pokémon giveaways. Each month we will give away Pokémon relating to the Pokémon of the Month, in this case, Dratini.
The Dratini will have the OT of PE2K, to commemorate this event, and will also have their catch date in August. They all have flawless IVs. Each one also has two egg moves – the egg move received is dependant on nature.
The Dratini have been bred by resident member Paperfairy, so give him your thanks for providing you with this opportunity.
If you want one, please post in this thread (the one auto-generated with this article) with your FC and times of availability. The Dratini you receive will be random. Who knows? Some of you may find a few special Dratini, teehee.
You have one week to post stating you want a Dratini. After that, distribution will begin. BlueJello and Paperfairy will be on the B/W Wi-Fi server at certain times in the day (these have not yet been decided). If you see us online, respond to our trade requests to pick up the Dratini. Make sure to keep an eye on the thread in order to make sure you get our Friend Codes as well!
Have fun!

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