Throughout the years, the Pokemon anime has featured almost all of its Pokemon. This month, we’re talking about three particular Pokemon: Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. Dratini has made a total of 3 appearances, Dragonair with 4 appearances, and Dragonite has appeared a grand total of 9 times.

Dratini’s Major Appearances

Dratini in The Legend of Miniryu

Dratini first appeared in EP035: The Legend of Miniryu. The Warden of the Safari Zone in Kanto was protecting Dratini. This episode was banned from the English version of the anime because of the excessive use of firearms. Dratini’s first English anime appearance was in EP251: Beauty is Skin Deep. This Dratini was seen under the ownership of Blackthorn City Gym Leader Clair. Team Rocket, however, wanted Clair’s Dratini all to themselves. Dratini evolved into Dragonair at the very end of the episode.

Dratini’s Minor Appearance

Dratini also appeared in one of Team Rocket’s fantasies in EP037: Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion.

Dragonair’s Major Appearances

Dragonair in On Olden Road

Dragonair also first appeared in the banned episode EP035: The Legend of Miniryu. Over the 30 years since Kaiser aka the Warden last saw the elusive Dragon-type, it evolved into Dragonair. Dragonair’s first English anime appearance was also in EP251: Beauty is Skin Deep. This Dragonair belongs to Gym Leader Clair and it evolved from Dratini at the very end of the episode. In the episode AG152: On Olden Pond, a Dragonair was living in a lake that Mr. Saridakis once planned to build a luxury resort on.

Dragonair’s Minor Appearance

Dragonair made an appearance in PK04: Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure, where it can be seen flying around the rainbow after the storm.

Dragonite’s Major Appearances

Dragonite in Enter the Dragonite and Mystery at the Lighthouse

Dragonite first appeared as an unknown Pokemon in EP013: Mystery at the Lighthouse. This Pokemon, however, is a giant version of Dragonite. Orange League Leader Drake used a Dragonite to battle Ash in EP111: Hello, Pummelo! and EP112: Enter the Dragonite. Indigo League Champion Lance used his Dragonite to battle the rumored Red Gyarados in EP236: Rage of Innocence. His Dragonite was also seen again in AG098: The Scuffle of Legends. A Dragonite that belongs to the original Blackthorn City Gym Leader appeared in EP252: Fangs for Nothing. It went on a rampage when Team Rocket tries to steal a sacred bowl of fire in the following episode, EP253: Great Bowls of Fire!.

Dragonite’s Minor Appearances

Dragonite’s first actual anime appearance was in M01: Mewtwo Strikes Back. It delivered an invitation to Ash and his friends to come to New Island. Professor Oak is revealed to have owned a powerful Dragonite in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon. Provo’s Dragonite appeared in DP118: Pursuing a Lofty Goal! as one of the participants of the Pok√©Ringer competition. Tower Tycoon Palmer’s Dragonite appeared in DP141: Challenging a Towering Figure!. The skeleton of appeared as an exhibit in the Nacrene City Museum in BW014: A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!.
Now, let’s take a look at the anime Pokedex entries.

Dratini’s entry:

Episode 251 – Source: Ash’s Pokedex
Dratini, the Dragon Pokémon. Dratini sheds its skin as it grows, often doing so while hidden behind large powerful waterfalls.

Dragonair’s entries:

Episode 035 – Source: Ash’s Pokedex
Dragonair, a Dragon Pokémon. A legendary Pokémon that can make rain or snow fall at its will. It can even fly without wings.

Episode 251 – Source: Ash’s Pokedex
Dragonair, the Dragon Pokémon. Dragonair has the ability to manipulate the elements as it wishes.

Dragonite’s entry:

Episode 111 – Source: Ash’s Pokedex
Dragonite, the Dragon Pokémon. This extremely rare and highly intelligent type is able to fly faster than any known Pokémon.

And there you have it, folks. The anime appearances of this month’s Pokemon of the Month.

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