Hi there, Pok√©mon fans! As you’ve seen this month, we’ve been highlighting the Dratini family for the Pok√©mon of the Month! But we’re going to need Pok√©mon to look at for future months! That’s where you come in!

We’d like everybody to take a survey that will only take 3 minutes of your time, in which we’d like to hear: Which Pok√©mon do you want to see for Pok√©mon of the Month?

By filling this out, you’ll help us choose Pok√©mon not only for next month, but for future months as well! Only un-evolved Pok√©mon are listed, but feel free to choose as many as you like! We’ll need as many people to participate as possible!

Thanks, and we’ll be back soon with another Pok√©mon of the Month!

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