For the month of September, Here is the “Pokemon of the Month: Which Sprites are Best?”

Featuring the Pokemon of the Month for September, Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss!



Generation II:

Gold:  Silver:  Crystal:

Starting off, with the Pokemon Silver Togepi sprite, I think of it as the worst one. The reasoning is as you can see, the ‘triangles’ on it’s shell are round. Though this is the case with both Gold and Silver sprites, they seem to crammed together. With the Crystal sprite, everything is great! Except for the color of Togepi. A gloomy gray color for Togepi? It doesn’t fit in my mind. Gold however, has a nice sprite. Though the foot of Togepi, the one it is kicking up, is large. And the Gold sprite Togepi also has a medium yellow shading, when the best fit would be a light color, like the onward Generations. So, in the 2nd Generation Togepi sprites, Gold takes the gold! Though, they all have faults, Gold seems the best.


Generation III

Ruby/Sapphire:   Emerald:      FireRed/LeafGreen:

So, with Generation III, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Ruby and Sapphire have the same Togepi sprite. Emerald’s sprite is the only one which differs. And Emerald’s Togepi sprite is a GIF, so that’s why I favor it the most. Even so, FR/LG, R/S sprites have nice sprites aswell. Though, they all look the same. Emerald is a GIF, so I like it the most.


Generation IV

Diamond/Pearl:    Platinum:     HeartGold/SoulSilver:

Moving on to Generation IV Sprites, all of these sprites are nice, but in my opinion, the D/P sprite is awesome, but it just doesn’t look okay. I don’t know why¬†I don’t like it, but I just don’t for some reason. The Platinum sprite is probably the best one, but it’s rather large, as the D/P sprite is aswell. The HG/SS sprite is okay.¬† It’s second place though, because though it’s size it perfect, I feel it makes Togepi look clumsy.

So, though they all are the best, Platinum wins for this Generation!


Generation V


Since there is only one sprite, Black and White wins this. Even so, it is one of the best sprites, because it’s so clear and matches the Platinum sprite which I also was fond of!



Generation II

Gold:        Silver:         Crystal:

Now starting Togetic, my favorite of the line, we have the Gold, Silver, and Crystal sprites! The Gold and Silver sprites look simular in color, which is a yellow-ish color it seems. I feel this color is awful for Togetic, but I like the way Silver’s sprite looks despite the color. Crystal’s sprite is better in color, but the facial expression doesn’t really scream the “Happiness Pokemon”. For Generation II, Silver’s sprite wins it!


Generation III

Ruby/Sapphire:     Emerald:      FireRed/LeafGreen:

Again, in Generation III, R/S & FR/LG are the same, and since Emerald is GIF, Emerald takes it!


Generation IV

Diamond/Pearl:  Platinum:  HeartGold/SoulSilver:

Trucking through to Generation IV, all of these Togetic sprites are nice! But, the best one would have to be the HG/SS sprite, because of the facial expression and is much more clear! So HG/SS sprite wins by far!


Generation V


The BW Sprite for Togetic is great, but doesn’t really put out a ‘happy’ vibe. So it’s a close second to the HG/SS Togetic sprite.



Generation IV

Diamond/Pearl:  Platinum:  HeartGold/SoulSilver:

Here with Togekiss, Platinum and HG/SS gives me the impression of a ‘prey’ bird, swooping down to catch prey. But the D/P sprite, it gives me the impression of a happy, elegant, and beautiful¬†bird Pokemon! Therefore, D/P takes it home!


Generation V


Though there is only one sprite, Togekiss in this sprite is awesome! It is the same as D/P, which was a very graceful sprite!

As always, this sprite gets the Generation V trophy!


Now to conclude, here are the winners for each sprite!:


Black and White Sprite


HeartGold and SoulSilver Sprite


Diamond and Pearl Sprite

There we are! This concludes September’s Pokemon of the Month: “Which Sprites are Best?”




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