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Yesterday, Professor Rowan, Sinnoh’s leading Pokémon researcher, confirmed that Togepi and its evolutions have now been officially placed on the world’s growing endangered emergency list. He noted that the alarming decline in the already space population was an immediate “red flag”. Rowan has assured that an extensive study is currently being conducted, and that its focus is primarily on indentifying and remedying the problem. “We already have many leads, and now each must carefully be explored before coming to any conclusions,” he stated, and made it clear any questions about the report’s content would not be answered. “It’s too early to give a proper reply.”


“This news comes to no surprise.” Kay Manning, a retired researcher for the Endangered Pokémon Protection Bureau, told reporters just hours ago. The EPPB is private organization advocating the conservation of endangered Pokémon, and operates almost worldwide. “The Togepi line has had an open file since our foundation almost two decades ago,” she claimed. “We’ve complied our own report back in mid 2007, and we found that the potential for a distressing drop in population was high,” Manning added, referencing the rise in organized crime and crash in overall civil happiness. “The Togekiss in particular, are very sensitive to strife. There has been nothing short of an explosion of trouble since the late nineties in almost all regions. Logic would have it that this would impact them [the Togekiss] in a negative way.”


The EPPB’s report was released just after the height of Galactic activity in Sinnoh. Galactic was an extremist syndicate aiming for world destruction, but masqueraded as seekers of alternate energies. It has been discovered that this group was behind the Valour Lake explosion, the rash of Pokémon thefts in Eterna and the Valley Windworks crisis, all of which took place in 2006 and 2007. To this day, Galactic’s creator Cyrus still remains free, which is a source of anxiety for many. “We aren’t really safe with him still out there. Who knows what he might be up to?” a Sandgem citizen expressed his concern to our reporter. “It’s scary!”


In response to yesterday’s news, the Sinnoh government plans to launch a small wave of awareness ads addressing the issue. According to the Minister of Pokémon Affairs, the campaign, although featuring Togekiss in particular, will also include many of the regions’ other endangered Pokémon. “We hope that this will help our population become more contentious,” he said, adding that the expected launch date is the first of next month.  “We are expecting to begin the first wave right on October first.”


Although a poll has not yet been conducted, the majority of the citizens we have interviewed appear to be in favour of the campaign. “It’s a great thing!” a woman in Veilstone exclaimed. “If we’re aware of the issue and things we can do about it, it’ll make it easier for us to help. I really do hope it focuses on the solutions, how the common person can contribute”, she added with a nod. However, there are some that are wondering why it has taken the government so long to act. “We’ve had endangered Pokémon living in our region for eons. Does it really take a crisis to stimulate action?” Vivian Wymond, an Eterna school teacher stated. “This is the reason why things get so bad in the first place! Crazy isn’t it?”


For some experts, however, the Togekiss situation isn’t all bad. Norbert Poe, known as one of Fiore’s highest ranking Pokémon researchers, suggests that not enough attention is given to recent breakthroughs. “Very few bring up the improvements achieved with this particular species and its evolutionary family. Take for instance, Almia. The sudden appearance of Togekiss following Dim Sun’s elimination was barely mentioned in international news.” He wrote us earlier today, but was not able to make an interview. Poe’s letter did state that the current situation was “not to be taken lightly” and that he “is not trying to downplay the problem” but that “the progress made [with the Togekiss] cannot continue be ignored”.


We will continue to update as the story unfolds. Stay tuned for further developments!

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