Good Game Spawn Point is a show that reviews video games. It airs every weekend on ABC3. Its latest episode (episode #33) featured a Pok√©mon TCGO review. If you want to see the game’s review, read the report below!

Two issues the Good Game hosts had with the virtual simulator was the lack of free content and the fact that the game relies too heavily on coin flips. The entire game is free to play and hours upon hours of content is available, you would only need to pay money if you get tired of using the same three decks but this never was really an issue for myself, especially considering I managed to beat several online opponents who had custom decks they purchased just using one of the three free ones.

On the issue of coin flipping, it does make a portion of the game based on pure luck but then again coin flips have been there from the beginning and it’s an integral part of the gameplay, this also adds a layer of strategy where having cards like Victini in your deck allows you to re-flip if you’re unhappy with the results.

Overall though reviews are of course subjective so it is up to you to decide how much you agree with the overall score of 13.5/20. Have you enjoyed Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and what would you rate it?

Source: PokemonAus

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