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Togekiss ‚Äst A Pokemon that has joined us in Generation IV has now been chosen as Pok√©mon of the Month!

Togekiss has sometimes found unique spots on several teams throughout the generations. With base stats of 85/50/90/120/115/80 (HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPE), with average speed,good defenses, and high special attack, it isn’t easy taking down Togekiss without having Stealth Rocks set up. People tend to take advantage of its ability, Serene Grace, an ability that heightens the chance of an additional effect such as a status from the move Tri Attack, and use it on most sets. Some physical variations of this Pokemon uses the ability, Hustle, that boosts the power of physical moves while lowering their accuracy at the same time.

Togekiss is bulky mainly on the special side, but it can also take a few hits from the physical perspective. With base 85 HP/90 DEF/115 SPDEF its reaches 374 HP/317 DEF/361 SPDEF, which shows some of its natural bulk. Togekiss also gets moves such as Encore and Thunder Wave which are both beneficial to a wall-like Pokémon. Not only that, it typically carries Air Slash and Aura Sphere. With the combination of Thunder Wave and Air Slash, the chances of the opponent laying a move are slim and rare.

Togekiss is definitely a Pok√©mon that may be able to fit in certain teams and serve its purpose properly. With its introduction in Generation IV, its hype still hasn’t died down yet mainly due to the fact that teams still use these in battles. With its good movepool, good stats, and ability, there’s no wonder why it has been chosen as Pok√©mon of the Month!

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