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Welcome to another episode of Pokémon of the Month art show, where we feature Pokémon artworks from various websites across the internet every month for you to view!

This month, only one Pok√©mon has won PotM, and that’s Absol. Below, we have a list of artworks featuring the Pok√©mon. If you like the artworks, then leave the creators some comments!

+ Absol - by slifertheskydragon
Absol by akelataka
Absol Commission by Leashe
Absol by Mr-MellowSmile
Absol by Gantzcraziness
Realistic Absol by Leashe
Absol by skulldog
Absol by TakoTank
Absol Gir by MAINDA
Bit of fun by joshD1000
It’s halloween time by blue-chan99
I Know it’ll be a Good Day by BluDragoon
Shadow Claw-Absol by Shinkou-san

Comics featuring Absol

SA chapter1 page 1
YL M4 page 3
Reaper Absol: Just Asking
Reaper Absol: Hanging Out
Reaper Absol: Brush with Death


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