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ASB (anime-style battling) is a forum-based roleplaying game. It’s where you can battle others just like how battles are done in the Pok√©mon anime.

In ASB, you can also take part in contests and explore the Safari Zone. If you win a contest, you’ll receive a nice ribbon. And if you explore the Safari Zone, you may eventually encounter a Pok√©mon which you will be able to catch. I haven’t tried any of them (yet), but they seem really, really fun to take part in.

In my opinion, the most interesting feature of ASB has gotta be the money system. You start off with $15, and as you participate, you earn more money. With the money you have, you can do lots of stuff, such as adopting new Pok√©mon, evolving your Pok√©mon, changing your Pok√©mon’s name, gender, or ability, and much more.

The game’s rules and regulations seemed dull and complicated to me at first, but then I realized that the reason they exist is to keep the RPG safe and organized. And once I got into ASB, the rules started to become easy to follow. Most of the ASB staff seems to be friendly and helpful, and the referees are great at doing what they do, and that’s refereeing the matches.

I give this game a rating of four stars out of five. It’s a great thing to participate in whenever you have free time. You should totally consider joining ASB.

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