This is going to be a tricky one. Normally I will be glad to write about this for a Pokémon who is regarded as great in competitive battling like Togekiss and Dragonite. The thing is, putting the title “Great” in accordance to writing about Absol may seem kind of misleading because Absol’s not the best, but not the worst either, so I changed the title a bit for the subject. Before we see its difficulties, let’s take a look at its merits and weaknesses. I am going to let this slide by because training Absol has its share of difficulties to overcome. Anyway, the main reason for these articles is to see the difficulties of raising a Pokémon in the prospect that they will be rewarding as a result, something you won’t experience in simulators.

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The first thing about Absol you will notice is its high Attack (Base 130!). Absol thankfully has a great range of Physical moves to choose from, like Superpower, Night Slash, Megahorn and Stone Edge, and Swords Dance to boost it even further. Sucker Punch deserves a mention, because it is the most powerful user of that move. With its great ability Super Luck, the chances of getting a high-powered critical hit is increased, and it works well with high critical hit ratio moves like Night Slash and Psycho Cut. Absol also has a surprisingly great support movepool. You can see Will-O-Wisp, Perish Song, Mean Look, Thunder Wave and Baton Pass among others. In other words, Absol has a large and varied movepool (even Special, despite having little reason to use it).
However, despite Absol’s great offensive and support potential, it is considered underwhelming. This is because of its stats, which didn’t provide enough Speed and bulk for both roles respectively. Dark as a defensive type is cursed, because weakness to Fighting is not a good thing despite having a neat immunity to Psychic, especially because there isn’t another type to patch up the weakness. In fact, there are promising Pokémon who are let down because their stats are not good enough, and Absol is one of them.
One of Absol’s difficulties is obtaining it. One problem is its rarity, as it can only be found in one location in the games you can find it (two in Black and White), save for HeartGold and SoulSilver, but in those games, you need the Hoenn Sound played by the PokéGear’s radio on Wednesday in-game in certain places. Even then, in said games, it is not a common Pokémon to be found. In Black and White, there’s a 10% chance of finding it, 5% chance on Mt. Coronet (more common at night) and 8% in Route 120 in Hoenn. Even when you do find Absol, you have to consider its catch rate, because it’s quite low for a non-legendary Pokémon (the other problem). In fact, most pseudo-legendaries are easier to capture! That’s not to say it’s extremely low; it’s not. There are some others who are harder to capture actually, but being on the low side makes capturing Absol somewhat challenging.
A minor difficulty is the number of steps to hatch an Absol egg. It’s minor because it’s not a major stretch from the average number of steps to hatch. Requiring 6630 steps to hatch is not that hard to achieve especially if you have a Magma Armour or Flame Body Pokémon handy.¬ Just keep this in mind when breeding Absol for Egg Moves (worth noting are Double-Edge, Baton Pass, Megahorn, Magic Coat, Zen Headbutt and Me First) and the right Ability.
So I think that’s about it. With that, is Absol balanced? Pretty much. Sure, Absol can be hard to get, but because Absol’s not terribly threatening despite having one of the largest movepools for a non-legendary (who doesn’t evolve), because it has noticeable downsides despite that high Attack.

Verdict: Balanced (±0)

As you might expect, if a Pokémon falls under the category of just being good but not great, it will be given the title. For now, I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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