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Your host, SJ here, bringing you the latest PotM: WSaB? For the month of October, our PotM is none other than Absol!

Since Absol is a Generation III Pokemon, this month we won’t have as much to ‘sprite’ about.

But nonetheless, let’s get started!


Generation III


Alright, so for this Generation, we have all of the games sprites as the same. Anyways, I’ll still list them and give my opinions…


Ruby/Sapphire:      Emerald:        FireRed/LeafGreen:

Okay,¬†as I said before, they are all the same sprite. So, instead of boring you the details, I’ll spare them and go with Emerald because it is moving. So on to Generation IV!


Generation IV


Now we have some differing sprites!


Diamond/Pearl:     Platinum:     HeartGold/SoulSilver:

Platinum and HeartGold seem to be the same here. Anyways, I choose the Diamond and Pearl sprite, because it differs from the other two. It had a lighter hue, and it makes Absol look like it is trotting to me. I know Absol is a Dark Type, but the lighter hue makes it easier to make out Absol. So D/P takes the win!


Generation V



Okay, so one sprite as always. This sprite is great! It is a little darker hued than to my fancy, but it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! If it had a lighter hue, then this Absol would’ve taken the win over Diamond/Pearl! I like Absol’s pose in this sprite!



Yeah, this was short, I know… But, next month, it won’t be as short, for theer are two Pokemon from Generation IV which I think we’ll all love! I can’t give hints, so you’ll just have to wait and see!


Moving on, the winner of all sprites in my opinion would be….The Diamond and Pearl IV Generaton Sprite!

Congratulation to this sprite and see you next month with PotM: WSaB?


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