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In honor of Absol being PE2K’s Pokemon of the Month, this edition of PokeTweet will be delicate to hearing your Twitter thoughts about it. This pokemon was one of the first pure dark type Pokemon since the introduction of the new type and featured in the first movie within the Advance Generation anime saga. This has given has given us plenty of time to form our own opinions concerning Absol. So let us begin.

Well, being an expert on the Dark-type and a proud owner of an Absol, Bianca…

Our first tweet comes from Karen, the Kanto/Johto Elite Four Master of Darkness. Karen enjoys her Absol seeing that she uses one when you challenge the Elite Four again in HeartGold and SoulSilver. The pokemon is very fitting for the female trainer as both are very beautiful and graceful.

Absol looks way too cool but doesn’t it suck? lol

Absol does have low defenses but it does sport a high attack power. You can boost up Absol’s attack power with a few Sword Dances to give a bit more punch to it’s Sucker Punch. Absol does know how to hold it’s own in battle with the heavy hitters and a favorite among competitors.

Before Absol Prime, he didn’t get much attention in the TCG. But I did like his cartoon appearances, they were always cool :)

The Absol Prime TCG card can be powerful within it’s own right. Any basic Pokemon that is place on the bench already starts off with twenty less HP. Add seventy more from it’s Vicious Claw and your opponent may find themselves with one less Pokemon. A very dangerous combo when paired with other cards and helps place the pressure on to your opponent.

Ajwalker also brings up a good point about the appearances that Absol had within the anime. As mention earlier, Absol first premiere in the movie, Jirachi: Wishmaker, and since then has set the bar for future anime appearances from the Pokemon. It has even made a few appearances in a few of the openings for the series.

Lastly we end with the perfect way to describe Absol from Tyltalis:

Absol; it’s the perfect dark-type. Sinister, sleek, misunderstood. I’d love for it to have a pre-evolution in generation 6.

That sounds exactly what people should expect from a Dark Type Pokemon. Pokemon has taught us that some Pokemon are not as bad as they look and Absol is a perfect example of this. Absol’s design is a favorite to many within the Pokemon fandom and if there is ever a pre-evolution then it will most likely have some of Absol’s sleek design.

I hope you all enjoy this segment of PokeTweet and hope to see your tweets here next time!

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