Hello and welcome to November’s Pok√©mon of the Month! This month we will be focusing on Riolu and Lucario. Members of the fourth generation, these Pok√©mon possess the ability to sense and usa Aura. This power can be used for tracking, as well as for the unavoidable move Aura Sphere. Because of this special ability, Lucario was once thought to be a legendary Pok√©mon.

Lucario itself was one of the first Pokémon from the fourth generation to be revealed and has also starred in its very own movie and as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This month we bring you articles and stories focused on Riolu and Lucario, as we explore their special abilities and their influence on the Pokémon world and fandom.

Make sure you check back throughout the month for featured stories, artwork, articles and interesting facts about these Pokémon. Remember, you can participate in Pokémon of the Month by joining the PE2K forum, submitting artwork or stories to the Creative Dex, leaving your own thoughts and comments on articles and joining in on discussions.

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