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That’s right! More passwords are now available for you to enter into your Pokemon Rumble Blast/Super Pokemon Rumble game! There are four passwords for the North American games, and 1 password for the European games.

North American Passwords:
Dialga: 3402-6485 (2912+ Strength, move: Iron Tail, no special ability, 3-3 Firebreating Mountain)
Audino: 0176-1458 (2902+ Strength, move: Secret Power, special ability of Mood Maker, 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank)
Zoroark: 2153-6742 (1172+ Strength, move: Foul Play, special ability of PokeTC, 4-1 Frozen Tundra)
Snivy: 0835-7338 (566 Strength, move: Leaf Tornado, special ability of Grass Boost, 2-3 Soothing Shore)

Europe Passwords:
Tepig: 5487-0833 (480 Strength, move: Flame Charge, special ability of Fire Boost, 2-2 Misty Edgewater)
Sources:, Serebii

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