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It’s that time of the year my friends, and it is another year for another statement from this guy who is the co-administration. 2011 was an interesting year for We experienced a revival of the website and internal changes to the forums as well. As such, we have had a number of different lessons from the past year. The good news, of course, is the steady traffic we’ve been having over the past couple of months, leading to a predictable pattern of use.

1. Site content
There has been an increase in the amount of site content over the past year. An interesting development in this is that we’ve added a number of different fantastic writers and some not so good ones as well. In that sense, I feel that over the next year we are to think about changes in currently how the pe2k writer status will be used and how perhaps forum members can contribute to the site directly to earn said statuses. The main idea is to continue with contributing to the content of the site itself.

2. Sprite content
Since our past emphasis has been on spriting, I believe that we should continue to expand on this area of the site. In this case, we will likely be adding a number of different sprites perhaps from the pokemon dungeon games as well as trainer sprites we’ve missed in the past to increase and diversify our content. I believe that we can continue to be strong in this area in the upcoming year and continue to do well on staying at the #1 spot on google search.

3. Creative dex and creative content
The original vision of the site was to eventually add the creative dex and other creative content that pertain to the creative development of the site itself. The creative dex in itself was a slow and difficult process, with a limited amount of content. In this sense, an important 2012 goal is to continue with the work of this to develop a strong resource for the website. Currently I would contemplate on the possibilty of using the creative dex as an aggregate even for sites outside of pe2k. I believe that this is one of the tougher paths to follow in the upcoming year, as attracting more members of the creative family will be difficult. However, given our precedence in excellence in both the arts and in fan fiction, I believe that there is a lot of potential for this to be the next expansion of the website and forums.

4. Forum contraction
The forum contraction was an interesting bit that initially had a lot of negative feedback at its early stages that eventually lead to indifference towards it. What’s interesting is that forum contraction ended up with a number of forum efficiency enhancements afterward. The big lesson here is that a large majority of the backlash came from a lack of communications between us and the members, despite the use of announcements. However, I also understand that by listening to reasonable responses of members, we were able to create a situation where this where a majority of the members were happy about. In this case, we will continue to provide better announcement systems to speak with members more readily as well.

5. Forum lag
Nearing the quarter of the year was a spike in forum lag throughout the forums. Interestingly enough, this was despite no changes in the system itself. I think that we will continue to strive for potential changes in the system in order to provide a better service in terms of forum lag, as this can easily quiet down activity that otherwise would exist. I know I have had my own problems with the forums myself as well. We will strive to look into the lag issue and it has been a thorn in our backs for a while.

6. Emblems
While we have been tossing the idea around for a little over a year, I think that we will continue to think about potential ways to implement this reward system into the forum to reward members of their hard work. In addition, this may open up paths to custom username titles in the near future as well. As such, we look forward to more potential use of this tool in 2012.

7. Working with the administration
While it is true that it can sometimes be difficult to deal with the administration. We will strive to be quicker and more efficient in 2012.

In all, 2011 had been a good year for pe2k as it exits its eleventh year into the twelfth year. Hopefully the year will be an even better year.

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