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PKMN Dark Exploers

The next set in the English Pokemon TCG will be called “Dark Explorers”. The set is to be released on May 9th, 2012 and is mostly based on the Japanese TCG expansion, “Dark Rush”.

Dark Explorers will continue with the release of the Pokemon EX cards started in Next Destinies. So far Darkrai EX, Groudon EX, Tornadus and Raikou EX have been confirmed to be release with this set. Zoroark and Cofagrigus will be featured in the structure decks for Dark Explorers to keep up with the darkness theme. It is suspected by the name of the set and the Japanese expansion that it is based on that it will focus heavily on the Darkness type and support for the type.

Below is the description for the set:

What’s out there in the darkness, waiting to be discovered? Play the Pok√©mon Trading Card Game: Black and White – Dark Explorers expansion and find them all! In addition to more Pok√©mon-EX like Tornadus-EX, Raikou-EX, and Groudon-EX, the shadows are filled with other exceptional surprises, like Darkrai-EX and a host of Trainer cards that will knock your opponent’s lights out! When you play Black & White – Dark Explorers, you’ll not only explore the darkness, you’ll rule it!

Source: Bulbnews

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