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Okay, first up I’d like to apologize for the embarrassingly big hiatus; busy Velocities are forgetful ones. But because you’re all so nice, you’ll forget about it, right?

Anyway, this week I’m featuring a fanfiction called The Trials of an Ex-Pokemon Fan, by our very own back-from-the-dead Staff Member Professor Geoffrey. From what’s been posted so far, it appears to be something of a mystery wrapped in an adventure, with a little sprinkle of comedy to give it spice.

The story is about a boy who bullies a Pokemon fan, but he gets more than he bargained for when he lands straight in the vast, weird, infinitely confusing region of Unova. The story isn’t very long and hasn’t gotten very far, but it has shown us the Professor has a way with words rarely seen nowadays: impeccable grammar, with plenty of description and nice, varied sentences. It adds in the game characters, as well, delving into greater detail with their personalities and relationships than the games did or really even could. The story is also very well-paced, and its odd plot suckers the reader into wanting to know more. Why was this fan suddenly sucked into the Pokemon world? Who did this and how, and what on earth is going to happen to a boy who has utter contempt for Pokemon – and lives among them?

With any luck, we will soon find out. And let’s hope that the Professor’s style and intricacy will continue to shine through in the meanwhile!

And don’t forget, we still have an opening for an artist. Be sure to contact me or HKim at our respective profiles if you are interested in creating images for these posts. Thank you! Have a nice day; hope you enjoyed Weekly Reading! Peace, love, and hot dogs!

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