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Hi! I’m ChainReaction01 and starting this week I’m going to look at different Pokemon and how they work in the Ultra Roleplaying Game that’s played right here on PE2K. These reviews will take place in two-weekly cycles: the first week I’ll look at how useful the given Pokemon is in the competitive aspects of the URPG, and in the following week we’ll look at how you can obtain the Pokemon.
For this first couple of weeks, I’ll be looking at one of the Pokemon mascots, Lucario, and how useful they are in the URPG as a whole. Lucario is well-recognised, even outside of Pokemon fandom in general. This is possibly due to its inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and its pre-Generation IV reveal.
Lucario’s previous evolution form, Riolu, is a common choice for a Starter Pokemon, and a good one. Riolu is a Complex-rank Pokemon, meaning that it is hard for new players to obtain initially, and upon evolution becomes a formidable asset to any battler’s team. Unfortunately, owning a Lucario is no easy burden – they require a lot of money to get up and running. Multiple Daycare visits are required for it to learn all the coverage moves it needs. Even just the act of evolution requires a Soothe Bell, and that $3000 can be a real problem for a beginning Trainer. It’s advised that you choose a different Pokemon for your Starter, although Riolu is a decent long-term choice.
Obtaining a Lucario in a trade isn’t particularly easy, either. Their base trade value is six, and by their very nature Lucario usually have a lot of added moves. That means that they are very expensive to receive as trades – you’ll need to give one of your better Pokemon in exchange. If you want to get a Lucario without earning it, your best bet it to try and make a story deal with someone and obtain it as a Riolu, or hope that one comes up in the Auction House.
Lucario are often frequently requested trades, and owning a Lucario is a status symbol in the URPG. But how useful are they actually in the URPG?
Lucario is an often-used Pokemon in normal gameplay, both in WiFi Battles and online simulators. This is because of its fantastic stats and diverse movepool. Lucario’s stats certainly ARE acceptable for a sweeper, by URPG standards, if not fantastic. Its Speed is a respectable 279, which isn’t great but is certainly above average. The Aura Pokemon’s Attack and Special Attack are much more impressive, sitting at 319 and 329 respectively, allowing it to utilise either physical or special attacks to a similar degree of effectiveness. Access to both Swords Dance and Nasty Plot means that Lucario is a true mixed battler, and can adapt to almost any situation.
Lucario’s typing of Fighting/Steel makes it easy to swap into battle, preferably into an incoming Ice or Rock-type attack. Even if it can’t retaliate with a STAB-Fighting-type move, Lucario has fantastic coverage. Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Blaze Kick, Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Stone Edge, Earthquake – you name it, Lucario can hit it. Lucario can revenge with Vacuum Wave or Extremespeed. Lucario can even act as team support with access to moves like Heal Pulse and Follow Me.
However, there is one place where Lucario is let down – its defensive stats. 334/239/239 is not particularly good, especially when Lucario is weak to many common threats. Fire-types and Fighting-types are all over the place, and many often-used Pokemon like Blaziken and Mach Punch users quickly dispatch of our subject. This is why Lucario is almost always used with Choice items – it really requires a turn of set-up (Agility / Swords Dance / Nasty Plot) to do any real damage, and it usually can’t survive that turn.
All in all, Lucario is a formidable opponent, whether it’s being used as a sweeper or a revenge killer. However, if it’s not choiced then it requires set-up, and even once this set-up is complete Lucario will still be incredibly predictable. I advise countering it with something that can outspeed it like Infernape or Speed Boost Blaziken, or even something like Conkeldurr or Technician Hitmontop. Anything that strikes first with supereffective moves will take Lucario down easy.
Lucario is a solid choice in all kinds of contests, mostly because of all of the moves it has access to. In R/S/E contests also, Lucario can raise its condition with Swords Dance, ignore jams with Protect and Detect, and can utilise many combo chains, like Calm Mind list and the Elemental Punches. Lucario can even play around with movement order thanks to Focus Punch and Agility. Finally, the Aura Pokemon can use Final Gambit as a Hail Mary shot on the final round to net a huge eight-heart boost. These combos and options allow for incredibly high point gains and the development of many different tactics to suit any situation. This wide array of moves and secondary effects extends into D/P/Pt contests, where Lucario has similar control over the theoretical battlefield.
B/W Contests are just as favourable for the Steel/Fighting type. Aura Sphere is a four-heart move, as is Blaze Kick, Psychic, and Stone Edge. Bone Rush is an five-and-a-half heart move with a low thirty PP cost. Lucario can utilise the Substitute / Focus Punch combo, which is one of the very few viable B/W combos. Another valuable move Lucario has is Drain Punch, which can be used to restore PP should it drop to low levels.
Finally, Lucario has access to a large variety of moves of all five Attributes. The only Attribute Lucario is lacking slightly is Beauty, but with moves like Sunny Day, Ice Punch and Swords Dance, Lucario can easily be victorious in any kind of Contest you choose to put it in.
Next week I’ll be taking a look at how you can actually get a hold of Lucario, outside of trades or auctions. Stick around and you might find yourself with your very own Aura Pokemon sooner than you would have believed!

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