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Hey, for those of you who haven’t met me, I’m ChainReaction01, and I’m writing reviews of Pokemon in relation to the Ultra Role-Playing Game, a text-based RPG which is played right here on the PE2K Forums. If this article interests you in any way, you should go check it out!
This fortnight I figured we’d take a look at one of the game’s old favourites: Aerodactyl, one of the rare Fossil Pokemon. He’s been powerful and feared all the way back since Generation I, and that hasn’t changed in the four Generations since. Sure, he’s got his weaknesses, but he’s also got his strengths too. Unfortunately, as you’ll see next week, he’s just as hard to get in the URPG as he is in the games. Arguably even more so.
But let’s leave that discussion for next week. This week, let’s look at how useful Aerodactyl can actually be, so you can decide whether or not you actually want one before trying to earn it.
General :
Aerodactyl is one of the (relatively) few non-Legendary Pokemon that doesn’t have an evolutionary relative. It’s also one of the very few Rock/Flying Pokemon, which makes it useful in many niche situations. Furthermore, despite having a widepool (care of its first-Generation roots) it doesn’t require much money to get a decent Aerodactyl up and running.
If you’re a Rock Gym Leader or aiming to be one, you should definitely keep an eye out for one of these Pokemon, for reasons listed below. Aerodactyl are also quite common in Flying Gyms as well, as the Rock STAB helps in unexpected places.
The first thing immediately noticeable about Aerodactyl is his amazing speed. Clocking in at an impressive 359, Aerodactyl draws with both Crobat and Jolteon, and absolutely wastes both Ninjask and Accelgor, the only non-Legendaries faster than himself. Speed-wise, the only thing he fears is Electrode, who is incredibly rare anyway. His Attack stats is good too – 309 is very acceptable, and more than enough to ensure those critical two-hit-kills. Furthermore, Aerodactyl has amazing built-in coverage in the form of the Elemental Fangs. Coupled with Rock STAB and Earthquake, and a few niche moves like Wing Attack and Crunch, your opponent will be hard-pressed to find a Pokemon that Aerodactyl can’t hit super-effectively.
Aerodactyl isn’t a one-trick pony, either. He gets phasing moves, Taunt, Roost, and most importantly: Stealth Rock. That’s actually one of Aerodactyl’s most common functions – he’s sent out first to Taunt common leads, and then set up Stealth Rock. Another common usage is to give him a Choice Band and send him out to score a revenge kill that he otherwise might not have the power to do.
However, for every strength Aerodactyl has, he also has a weakness. His typing isn’t very good defensively – while he’s not 4x weak to anything, his weaknesses include the startlingly-common Water/Ice/Electric types. Considering he only has a Special Defense of 239 and 324 health points to play with, almost any Special-based sweeper can take chunks out of Aerodactyl. His Abilities aren’t particularly impressive either – Unnerve is almost completely useless, as is Rock Head, which only helps Double Edge and Take Down. Pressure is the best Ability of the three, but it’s not particularly good – URPG’s metagame is speed-based, and rarely will Aerodactyl be locked into a war of attrition where Pressure will be useful.
Another serious weakness that Aerodactyl has is his weakness to priority moves. Bullet Punch and Aqua Jet both cause serious problems for the Fossil Pokemon, as does Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave if they’ve got STAB behind them. Another threat is the loss of Aerodactyl’s crippling Speed – if it’s on the receiving end of a Scary Face or Icy Wind or Thunder Wave, Aerodactyl will probably have to swap out. Only its blazing pace keeps it safe from the much stronger, slower Pokemon.
Aerodactyl is a strong R/S/E and D/P/Pt Contester, arguably even better here than in battles. It has a wide array of all 5 attributes, as well as handy moves like Rock Polish and Whirlwind to control move order. It also has a few combos, like Scary Face to Bite or Crunch, and the Elemental Fangs. Aerodactyl is a good Pokemon for beginning Coordinators, easy to use and win with, but unfortunately he doesn’t scale well into the higher-level Contests. He lacks a real ace-in-the-hole combo that Pokemon like Weezing and Gengar have. Still, by keeping mindful of your opponents and attempting to predict their strategies, it’s not at all hard to pull out a win with Aerodactyl.
Aerodactyl is also quite good at B/W Contests. The metagame here is much faster than normal battling, as Pokemon fainting is heavily punished. This means Aerodactyl’s usual hit-and-run style of fighting is almost uniquely suited to B/W Contests. You need to be careful of his counters, just like in normal battles, but there’s no reason why Aerodactyl can’t zip around the field, scoring revenge kills and fleeing at the sight of trouble.
Next time we’ll delve deep into the massive pain that is acquiring an Aerodactyl in the URPG. I hope to see you then!

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