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Hey, y’all! It’s your friendly neighborhood Velocity, here with another thrilling installment of Weekly Reading!

Today I’d like to feature The Canalave Library, by none other than… You! The Canalave Library is a compilation of legends that explore why Pokemon are the way they are today, and the best part is that all the legends are made by our very own forumites! For instance, how do you think Charmander got its fire? Because the Pokemon Company made it that way? Boring! What if it got its flame from trying to eat Moltres’s feathers? Now that’s pretty interesting, am I right?

As a lover of folktales and legends, I have to say that the Canalave Library has got to be one of my favorite site projects. I always look forward to the next story. It’s neat to see so many writers all putting their talents together to make a huge pile of stories! Every one of them that’s been submitted is excellent. I recommend anyone who likes folklore to check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

We now have a spiffy standard image, but we would still like to have someone around who can create little customized images for each fanfiction. Please contact me or HKim for more information. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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