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Dark Exploers

Pokemon TCG players can look forward to the next Pokemon TCG set, Dark Explorers, to be released May 9. Starting this Wednesday, TCG players can start harnessing the powers of Tornadus-EX, Kyogre-EX, Raikou-EX, Groudon-EX, and the impressive Darkrai EX along with several new cards.

TCG players have been waiting months in order to use Darkrai EX‘s Dark Clock ability to freely retreat pokemon such as Terrakion and Mewtwo EX. Raikou EX has also been heavily anticipated due to it’s Bolt Volt attack which can be used to strike an opponent’s bench for an impressive 100 damage. That is enough to knock out several of the popular game engines in the current format. Another noteworthy card will be Heatmor who will be able to help shut down the popular Durant deck. It’s Hot Lick attack requires a single Normal Energy which will make it easy to fit into any deck.

Players can look forward to several new support cards to help give their decks an edge in future games. Dark Patch will serve as a way to help accelerate Darkness energy on to a player’s Darkness pokemon. Dark Claw will give their Darkness Pokemon an additional boost in attack. The fossil pokemon have gain a helpful card in the form of Twist Mountain which will allow them to be place on the bench a little easier. Ultra Ball and Random Receiver will be great items to help players gain much needed Pokemon and Supporters. This set also includes the reprinting of Supporters such as N, Professor Juniper and Cheren and the Item cards Rare Candy and Pokemon Catcher.

Fans of the Pokemon TCG will have several things to look forward to on May 9 when the set is released. The next few months will be interesting as these cards make their way into the current Pokemon TCG format.

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