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In a recently community update, Pokemon TCG Online Staff has announced that they will be disabling multiplayer functions. The reason for this is to focus on a new multiplayer that will be launched in late Summer. In order to hold users over until the release of the new multiplayer, Pokemon TCGO will launch a new single player Trainer Challenge.

The news of disabling the multiplayer function has brought up many questions from the users. In response to these concerns, the Pokemon TCGO Staff has released a Q&A.

Why did the release schedule for the new version of the game change to late summer 2012?

Before beginning work on the new version of the game, we felt that only one aspect needed to be overhauled. However, as we started working with the new developer, it became clear that other areas of the game needed to be reworked as well. Rather than rush these important changes, we decided to give our new developer additional time to properly test and polish the game and its mechanics.

The silver lining to this scenario is that the new version of the game will be far more robust and easier to expand than it is currently. Also, players will see improved performance and better graphics, card bugs will be easier to track down, and patches will be distributed with greater ease and frequency.

Why are you disabling the multiplayer option in the current version of the game?

Disabling the existing multiplayer functionality was a difficult decision to make. However, we felt that leaving an unpolished, unsupported version of the multiplayer game online would not provide an ideal play experience for our community. We anticipate an upswing in new players when the updated version of the Trainer Challenge goes live in the coming weeks. Rather than provide these players with a poor multiplayer experience, we felt it best to focus on the new Trainer Challenge. This will provide new players a better opportunity to stay engaged in the Pokémon TCG Online over time.

We also do not want to neglect the current, loyal player base, and because we aren’t able to dedicate further resources to the old multiplayer game, we would have a continually deteriorating experience to which we could not respond in any other way than, “You’ll need to wait for the new version to get that fixed.” With fewer players filing in-game abuse reports, the moderator staff can dedicate more time to catching trade scammers, answering player questions on the forums, and testing the new version of the game.

In addition, our Operations Team is expending a good deal of time and effort on a daily basis working on the stability of the game. Disabling the multiplayer option greatly improves stability, leaving the team to focus on the upcoming transition.

When are you disabling the multiplayer option, and when will it return?

The multiplayer option will be disabled on the same day that the new version of the Trainer Challenge is available to the public. This is scheduled for mid- to late May. The multiplayer game will return when the new version of the game goes live, which is expected to happen at the end of the summer.

Will the new version of the game be Web-based or downloadable? What are the system requirements?

Starting with the new Trainer Challenge, the Pokémon TCG Online client will be a download. Moving away from a solely Web-based game allows us a lot more flexibility and delivers a better gameplay experience for our players.

The developers have indicated that the system requirements for the new version will remain similar to those for the old version. At this time, they are projecting the following:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X 10.5+
Processor: 2Ghz Intel or equivalent or higher processor
RAM: 2GB or higher
High-speed Internet connection

Why won’t the Pokémon TCG: Black & White–Dark Explorers expansion be available in the current version of the game?

Adding a set to the current version of the game takes several weeks of coding and several more for bug testing. Every hour spent adding cards to the current game is an hour less spent working on the new game. Due to the nature of the current game engine, it is not possible to add the card images and text to the game without also adding the game logic. We felt that sacrificing the Black & White—Dark Explorers expansion was necessary to ensure a successful launch of the new Trainer Challenge and prevent further delays in the release of the new version of the multiplayer game.

What will happen to my card Collection when the new version of the multiplayer game is released?

We plan to migrate every player’s card Collection from the old version of the game to the new version on release.

What will happen to unspent booster credits when the new version of the multiplayer game is released?

A player’s unspent booster credits will remain available when the new version of the game is launched. Additionally, unused code cards will be valid in both the current and new versions of the game.

Will there be new chat and private messaging features in the new version of the game?

We will be discussing some of this new functionality in the next couple of weeks—keep your eyes peeled!

What happens to my older cards if Play! Pokémon rotates sets out of the Modified format in September?

All of your cards will remain in your Collection and you will still be able to play with them. The new version of the multiplayer game will eventually support multiple rules formats—meaning players will be able to search for Modified matches, Unlimited matches, and more!

Will there be a closed beta for the new version of multiplayer?

There are no plans for a closed beta.

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