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Hello, and welcome to another installment of Weekly Reading! Today I’m going to feature another off-pe2k fanfiction, this time from Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden’s forums! This fanfiction is known as Memoirs of a Clone, and it is written by the one known as Dai.

Let me first and foremost warn you that this story is rated mature for a reason. As any fans of the first Pokemon movie remember, people died in that movie – and not just a since-resurrected Ash. Not to mention all the dark themes that come from cloning – from the theological to biological to ethical, controversy reigns in this area.

But this story isn’t just a propagator of controversy. Striking Back is more than just a retelling of Movie One. Like all good retellings, it casts the world it details in a new light, adding detail, amending what already existed, compounding on it and making it better – like Mewtwo himself, in regards to Mew. Striking Back features beautiful prose, vivid detail that could very believably come from a clone who struggles to find a purpose in the life he’s been given. It’s not a light or easy read by any means, but it’s very worthwhile. It makes you think more than anything: what is consciousness? Purpose? What does it mean to have an identity? And what really defines power? If you’re looking for something with a little more meaning, I think your search is over.

We’re looking for an artist, as per the usual! If you’re interested in making smallish images for Weekly Reading, please contact me or HKim for more information! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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