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Battling The King of the Mines Review

Hello PE2K, gmandiddy here giving my thoughts and ideas of latest Pokemon Best Wishes Episode: Battling the King of the Mines.

Quick Summary

Ash finally gets the opportunity to battle Clay, the ground gym leader, in order to receive the Quake Badge. After a solid start, Ash is suddenly pinned back by a very powerful Excadrill. Ash’s only option is to play defence and calls out Roggenrola to endure the powerful attacks of Excadrill. Fortunately for Ash, during the battle Roggenrola evolves into Boldore. Boldore delivered the final blow and is declared the winner. Ash  received the Quake Badge from Clay and is informed that the next gym is over in Mistralton City.

Overall Thoughts

The Gym Battle
Overall I felt that the battle was OK, not the best battle I have seen but it wasn’t the worse. The first battle was between Oshawott and Krokrook. I felt that Oshawott gained some valuable winning screen time and managed to turn the battle around. I especially loved the part after Oshawott knocked out Krokrook where it ran over to Ash and Pikachu and high fived them. Clay brought out Palpitoad and the battle between Oshawott and Palpitoad was short to say the least. I would’ve really liked to see Swadaloon come out against Palpitoad instead of Snivy, however yet again the writers ignore the fact that Swadaloon exists. Even Ash’s Palpitoad should have got some screen time and show that it’s more powerful. Snivy had a cheap victory against Palpitoad, using the combination of Attract, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm and Vine Whip. Seriously writers, it was Ok the first time we saw it however now it’s getting a bit boring.
One of the highlights of the battle was the reaction of Clay to Snivy and her using the Attract Combo. He is furious and believes that it’s just a cheap way to win a battle. Clay decides to call in his powerhouse, Excadrill. Have to say that this Excadrill has put on the pounds or has been working out regularly, since its size is a lot bigger than Iris’s Excadrill. Snivy puts up a good fight however looses out to a Horn Drill attack, a move which guarantee’s knocking out the Pokemon. Talk about being cheap Clay, shame on you.
I never realised how hard Roggenrola was till I watched his battle with Excadrill. This little guy received a bombardment of attacks from Excadrill, including many Horn Drill attacks. Roggenrola evolves and starts to fight back, finally delivering a powerful Rock Smash to end the battle. The battle between Boldore and Excadrill was good and it was nice to see Roggenrola evolve.
Roggenrola’s Evolution
Like I said above, it was nice to see Roggenrola evolve. However the writers and the animation team made this evolution a lot better, with the use of impressive graphics and being able to see Roggenrola change shape. Before Roggenrola evolved, we watched as Roggenrola stood their still like a … rock. Ash starts to feel sorry for Roggenrola and calls out to his Pokemon. Then suddenly, BAM! Roggenrola evolves. The tense atmosphere was when Roggenrola was standing still was a nice touch. Overall the evolution was great and I am glad the little rock evolved.

Closing Comments

It was a good episode, with a solid Pokemon battle. However I do feel that maybe some of Ash’s other Pokemon should’ve been chosen instead of Snivy. Pokemon like Palpitoad and Swadaloon would have fitted in nicely.
2 Stars

  1. Roggenrola evolution was awesome
  2. A solid gym battle, featuring the new move animations

1 Wish

  1. Swadaloon and other left out Pokemon to have some more time.

Hope you enjoyed this episode, and I’ll be back next week when I’ll be writing about the episode; Crisis at Chargestone Cave!

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