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Do YOU think you have what it takes to be a PE2K website staffer? We are currently hiring new people to write articles. If you think you have what it takes, read and fill out the application here and you just may be one of the lucky members!

The topic is:

The topic is: Pretend that Red and Blue are coming to the U.S. The new info that was released: New English names for Fushigidane (Bulbasaur), Hitokage (Charmander), Zenigame (Squirtle), Masara Town (Pallet Town), Tokiwa City (Viridian City), and Tokiwa no Mori (Viridian Forest). You must include the Japanese names in your article (Note, do not use Japanese characters [hiragana or katakana]. Just use the romaji). For example, Masara Town will have the English name of Pallet Town or something along those lines.

Write an article with a fake source describing the new information about the English releases of Red and Blue.

Good luck to all who apply!

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