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Recently a thread designed for the purpose of interviewing Pe2k’s member’s was set up, and so far the only segment currently featured is my, Graceful Suicune’s, interview “show” called 21 Questions, where I interview members who have expressed interest with a list of twenty-one questions. It can be found here: Pe2k Member Interviews.
The most recent interview, posted today, featured my third guest, Typhlosion Explosion. Click on the picture below to have a listen!

By G_S

Site staff member Eternal Moonlight is a frequent listener, and this comment was made after hearing Typhlosion Explosion’s interview:

LoL, that was awesome. My favourite part was probably with the puppies buying the *spoiler* for themselves.

If you would like to be interviewed, please check out the terms and conditions in the first post of the thread, and notify Graceful_Suicune. If you are interested in running your OWN show as a part of that thread, for Pe2k member interviews, also let me know.
So far the members interviewed have been XaiakuX, Ant2011 an Typhlosion Explosion (as well as a demo interview featuring myself) and there are more to be posted. Stay tuned, because the regular posting time will be Sundays and Wednesdays!
- Graceful_Suicune.

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