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NuzRooke Togepi Mystery in hat

Happy Birthday!

I’m sure it’s someone’s birthday out there! Everyone else, pretend it’s your birthday!

Sorry I’m late with the comics! Just got back from Anime Expo. It was a ton of fun, but definitely very tiring. I’ll do a more comprehensive write-up later. Enjoy your Monday Laughs!

Editor’s Picks

NuzRooke (Above) – The circle of life.

Pebble Version – Ridiculous obstacles is a signature feature of Pokemon!

JHall Pokemon – “Turn it off! Turn it off!”

Drawn Pokemon Comics

CharCole – Some people have bad priorities.

Funeral of Hearts – Even generals, though, can be defeated.

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – Won’t be easy taking on both Team Aqua and Magma.

Mokepon – Gym trainers can be such a hassle sometimes.

PMD: Victory Fire – Sometimes our journeys take unexpected turns.

Pokemon Beta – Some memories are painful to remember.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales – Now it’s time to rescue their comrades!

Pokemon no Rakuen – Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Pokemon XDegree – It’s down to two.

Pokin’ Fun – A Night To Remember.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – “Do you remember that day, before the Change?”

Stuff of Legend – It’s a little strange to see a cheerful Mewtwo.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Thyme – Boss fights can be exhausting.

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Canvas’s Diamond Nuzlocke – You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Crystal’s Soul Silver Nuzlocke – “I am not weak and I’ll show you that!”

Hidden Strength – I’m beginning to think there just aren’t enough police officers in the Pokemon world.

In Black and White – “I challenge you to Death!”

Ken’s FireRed Kick@$$ Mode – I think it’s the “idiot savant” theory.

Kit’s Platinum Nuzlocke – It’s all about human nature.

Nuzlocke of Ernie – Do unto others…

Oh Gosh; A Platinum Nuzlocke – It’s all about motivation.

Pokemon: Hard-Mode – Bianca is creepy too.

SoulSilver: Apocalypse Johto – “Refugees. From Hoenn. They’re the last.”

The Legend of Magikrap – I don’t understand elves.

PE2K Pokemon Comics

Jentoh AdventuresIt’s always amazing to see a Pokemon egg hatch.

And More!

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