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The Pokemon Global Link Porygon event announced earlier this week for the US and Australia is now available to European fans. The European password to download Porygon with the hidden ability Analytic has been revealed as PORYEUROGAMERNET for English games. Passwords for Spanish, German and French games are PORYEUROGAMERES, PORYEUROGAMERFR and PORYEUROGAMERDE respectively.

Europeans can now also get their free Porygon2 PokeDoll for their Dream World homes and download a Porygon-Z C-Gear skin with the password PORYZCGEAR2012. Unlock them at the Promotions page of the Global Link.

The US/Australian password to download Porygon is IGNPORYGON.

The promotion ends for all regions on September 27th, so don’t miss out!

Source: Eurogamer

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