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We are less then a month away until the new Pokemon TCG expansion to hit the English TCG scene, Dragons Exalted. This set will be important for many reasons due it being the final one before the rotation in late August and the introduction of the much awaited Dragon type. The addition of the new Dragon type will add a lot to the TCG because there are no pokemon that can resist this type. They are also only weak to themselves. This coming weekend begins of the prereleases for Dragon Exalted but before you go to them, join us as we take a look at some of the cards that you can expect to see.


First, we are going to look at one of the most anticipated Pokemon from the set: Rayquaza EX. This EX card sits at 170 HP and has two impressive attacks. It’s first attack is Celestial Roar where you discard the top three cards from your deck. If any energy cards are discarded due to this attack then they will attach to Rayquaza. This attack can be useful because if any of those energies are Fire or Lightning then it will only help fuel Rayquaza EX’s Dragon Burst attack. This attack does sixty damage for every Fire or Lightning energy you wish to discard. Pair Rayquaza with Emboar‘s Inferno Fandango or Eelektrik‘s Dynamotor and you have a way to do heavy damage every turn.

Rayquaza EX could see the same level of use that Mewtwo EX has due to how easy it is to use and tech into a deck. The only problem is that Rayquaza won’t be entering the format with the benefits that Mewtwo EX had. One of the main reasons why Mewtwo EX is so uncontested is because there are no other Psychic types that can easily take it down outside of itself. Rayquaza EX on the other hand has to compete with the other dragons within Dragon Exalted that can easily defeat it with one hit. That major weakness may hamper Rayquaza EX‘s use. Still, do not underestimate it you are up against it.


Next we are going to look at Hydreigon which has the ability Dark Trance. This ability allows you to move around Darkness energy between your pokemon. This can be pretty handle due to it’s Dragon Blast attack where you must discard two Dark energy to do 140 damage.

Hydreigon can find a home within Dark decks as a powerful attacker and as a counter to their Fighting weakness. Attach Dark Patch to a Dark Pokemon on the bench. Use Dark Trance to get the energy on to Hydreigon and then use Dragon Blast to knock out any Fighting pokemon that will threaten your Zoroark or Darkrai EX. If Hydreigon finds itself in a tight situation and needs to retreat. You simply attach a Darkness energy to Hydreigon and use Darkrai EX’s Dark Cloak ability for free retreat. The downside is that Hydreigon is a Stage Two pokemon which is consider slow to set up in the current metagame. It is still a card that can be consider for anybody using a Dark deck.


Now lets take a look at Altaria. This is a card that won’t see use of it’s attack but instead for it’s ability. It’s Fight Song ability will give all of your Dragon type Pokemon attacks to preform twenty more damage. What makes this even more threatening is that it can be stacked up with multiple copies of Altaria on the bench. This may change when the card is brought over to the English TCG but the idea of an attack getting an eighty attack boost is frightening.

A side note to know about this card, Altaria will be the promo card given at the Dragons Exalted Prerelease event. So you can expect to see this card used quite quickly.

Another EX card to keep an eye on is Giratina EX. This one may not see much use because it a four energy attacker with a strange energy combination. It can hit hard with Dragon Pulse and Shred can hit anything and won’t be affected by the effects from the Defending Pokemon.

The last dragon we will look at is Gabite. This may look like a normal card but it could be a big help due to it’s ability, Dragon Call. This ability allows you to search your deck for any Dragon type pokemon. Gabite will most likely be used in decks that are more focus in the Dragon type but it could also be teched into decks that can afford another engine. This card can help in retrieving Rayquaza EX on the second turn or help set up a powerful third stage like Hydreigon. Gabite will add some speed to decks hoping to use the new Dragons.

Terrakion Ex

Now to look at some of the nonDragon type Pokemon from the set starting with Terrakion EX. This one has a lot to live up to seeing how Terrakion is one of the most used cards in the current metagame. This Terrakion is a slight step up from the currently used one. What makes this card noteworthy is Terrakion EX‘s Smash Pump. It does ninety damage plus allows you to attach two energies to your Benched Pokemon in anyway you wish. This will help provide energy acceleration to Fighting decks or anything else you can tech Terrakion EX. If you do this, just make sure you don’t risk having Terrakion knocked out as it will put your opponent up two prize cards.

mew Ex

Next we have is Mew EX. This Mew is similar to the Mew Prime from Triumphant except it allows you to use any attack from any Pokemon in play. This could be used as another possible counter to Mewtwo EX to take advantage of your opponent’s Mewtwo EX’s X Ball. The problem is that another Mewtwo EX can knock it out with less energy required. It can also be teched into other decks as well that need more attackers without needing more copies of that pokemon. This could help in the raise of Stage Two Pokemon usage. All you have to do is just evolve one Pokemon to Stage Two and keep it on the bench while Mew EX does the attacking.

The last Pokemon we will look at is Ninetales. This card could see some usage in many different ways. The first way could be due to it’s Bright Look ability which activates upon evolution. This ability allow you to choose one of your opponents Pokemon and switch it with your opponent’s Active Pokemon. This is basically a Pokemon Catcher. If you are running a deck with Sporprise Amoonguss from Next Destinies then Ninetales‘s Curse Flame attack can be taken advantage. This attack does fifty damage per status condition on the opponent’s pokemon. This can be a deadly combination once other cards are included.

Tool Scrapper

Now time to look at some items. The first one we are looking at is Tool Scrapper. This card allows you to choose up to two Pokemon Tools attached to your and your opponent’s Pokemon and discard them. This can make knocking out Pokemon much easier due to the lost of their Evolite.

Another Item card to look forward to is Devolution Spray. This card allows you to return the highest stage of one of your Pokemon back to your hand. This is basically the Item version of Seeker except it can only be used on evolved Pokemon and more then once per turn. People hoping to abuse Amoonguss and Ninetales abilities will make sure to find a place for this card in their deck.

The last item card we will look at is Rescue Scarf. If the Pokemon that is attached with this item is knocked out by an attack then that Pokemon is put back into your hand. This card can be another way to keep Pokemon out of the Discard Pile.

The last card we will look at is the Special Energy, Blend Energy. There are two versions of this card. One version can provide a Grass, Fire Psychic or Darkness Energy. The other version can provide Water, Lightning, Fighting or Steel Energy. This card can be useful seeing how many of the Dragon Pokemon require multiple types of energy to preform their attacks.

There are many cards to look forward to in Dragon Exalted with many reasons to be excited. The Dragon type is coming and everybody is going to want one. This expansion will offer many new things for TCG players to look forward to and try out once rotation finally hits and it is time to hit the Fall Battle Roads. The best of luck in your pulls during prereleases and on August 15th!

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