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Just west of the Port of Nagoya, the Nagashima Spa Land amusement park celebrated the opening of its latest attraction – the Pokemon Adventure Camp. The world’s first, large-scale Pokemon attraction opened on Saturday, July 21.
The Adventure Camp is an indoor attraction, where visitors enter and become Pokemon Adventure Camp (PAC) Members. They head off to different habitats: woods, waterfalls, caves etc., which are represented by different rooms in the exhibit. Using a portable terminal they catch Pokemon, play various side games and battle. You can also seek out hidden Pokemon and gain ‘experience’, similar to that of wild Pokemon encounters in the video games.

Each visitor is sent on one of five missions chosen at random; each mission comes with three different kinds of games, making a total of fifteen kinds. A member uses a special ‘compass’, and with each cleared game, the terminal records and displays the various Pokemon collected.

Entry into the Camp is equivalent to $13. I’d sure love to go to one if it were built near me!

Source: Crunchyroll

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