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Pok√© is now featuring a brand new competition, but this one’s not between players, it’s between Pok√©mon!’s “Pok√©mon Power Bracket” pits all of the 1st-4th Generation’s Legendary Pok√©mon against each other in an epic battle of popularity, and you are allowed to vote for the winner.¬†This competition’s first round began on 7/05 and its finals will end on 8/22.

When the tournament is over, will theme their website after the winning Pok√©mon for a week and release a “special downloadable prize pack” to the public. The winning Pok√©mon will also be featured on a special shirt from Hot Topic.

If you want to vote for your favorite legendary Pokémon, you can vote once per day per matchup at without having to register or log in to the website.

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