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Myths of Unova Nice to Meetcha

We meet many people in our lifetime.

Some good. Some bad. Some in-between. Regardless, however, I believe each interaction, each person, changes our lives.

And that we, in turn, change theirs.

These are your Monday Laughs.

Editor’s Picks

Myths of Unova (Above) – “… I thought you were amazing from the beginning.”

Penny Arcade – The Proxy, Part Four. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

Kit’s Platinum Nuzlocke – When the heart cries, so too do we.

Drawn Pokemon Comics

Battle for the Universe – Act I, Part 2: Dark Lurkers.

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – Celebrity Central!

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – Finishing Move!

Mokepon – “No… It’s not fair at all!!”

PMD: Victory Fire – Ouch. That doesn’t look good.

Pokemon: Bond of Hearts – “And it is GLOOOOOORIOUS!”

Pokemon Break! – Some things you just have to do alone.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales – Princesses and Poison do not mix.

Pokemon: Shadow Stories – After a 7-month hiatus, Shadow Stories returns.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – To live in captivity for that long…

Sir-Doomy – The good ‘ole days of the N64.

Stuff of Legend – Disabling the tracking device was a good idea.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Thyme – Would you like some tea?

Nuzlocke Pokemon Comics

Canvas’s Diamond Nuzlocke – “Oh Arceus! No! Not like this!”

Crystal’s Soul Silver Nuzlocke – Question & Answer 2: Crystal.

Hidden Strength – Sometimes you just need to believe in yourself.

In Black and White – “Not everyone is a hero, White.”

It Just Got Serious – “I’m going to exterminate your team.”

Ken’s FireRed Kick@$$ Mode – It’s the little ones you have to watch out for.

Kit’s Platinum Nuzlocke – Pokemon Trainer or Digimon Tamer?

Pokemon: Hard-Mode – Monkeys! Monkeys everywhere!

SoulSilver: Apocalypse Johto – All four Elite 4 at the same time.

The Legend of Magikrap – “I don’t even care… I’ll deal with everyone’s problems!”

Pixel Pokemon Comics

Jo’s Pokemon Journey – Generic Hero to the rescue!

Losers’ Nuzlocke Challenge – It’s a Sprite Comic and a Nuzlocke Comic! Fusion Combo!

Pebble Version – Pokeballs are complicated.

Pokemon-X – “And this is where Wally’s story really begins.”

PE2K Pokemon Comics

Jentoh AdventuresHigh stakes and real consequences.

Pokemon: Chapaz RegionIt really is a classic.

And More!

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