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Forum War II

Every age is fraught with perils, disagreements, tragedy, and danger. Opinions mix into a swirl of changing tides, each under the banner of one central force that governs it the most. On the world known as Lurra, two nations – Miniera and Nomade – waged war against each other for centuries, but finally the elusive dream of peace had been reached after so many horrors had been committed.

But dreams last for mere minutes, and peace is everything but eternal.

Beyond the sea exists a mystical new land called Kibou, first discovered by Miniera. Such fantastic news was quick to escape the lips of secret, reaching the ears of Nomade. As with any nation vying for growth, both of them were eager to claim Kibou as their own territory…and the old conflict reopened like a fresh wound, pouring havoc over the land again.

It is up to the forums of PE2K and GTS+ to decide the tide of battle as they take command of members of their nation. The blacksmiths versus the explorers, cast iron against survival experience, all demanding control from natives as enigmatic as the beginning of time itself.

Who’s side will triumph once the sun rises on this Dawn of Discovery?

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