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The Official Nintendo Magazine has published a feature detailing 25 rare Pokemon consoles. From the Gameboy Color to the DSi, these consoles are now very hard to find and sought after by collectors everywhere. Many of these were limited edition and only sold in certain countries, or even specific stores, with most being Pokemon Center exclusive. Do you own any of these?

Our favourite cute little monsters have adorned consoles from Game Boy Color to Game Boy Advance and DSi. There’s even a limited edition Pikachu N64. Join us as we look as some of the rarest Pokemon consoles. You won’t find all of these in your local games shop, that’s for sure.

Limited Edition Pikachu Gameboy Color

The Pokemon Game Boy Color was released as part of a Pokemon Yellow bundle which was released in 1999 in the US and followed a year later in Europe. The game built on the popularity of Pikachu – the electric Pokemon was the only Starter Pokemon and he’d follow you around from the start. Indeed, you couldn’t escape the little yellow fellow as his cheeky face was staring at you on this Game Boy Color as you played.

Check out the rest of the consoles at The Official Nintendo Magazine.

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