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I’m in the mood for donuts and a change of pace. Time to dive into a different type of glazed-over subject: Pokemon nature in the anime. No really, this should be good.

In the Pokedex, Pokemon are often listed as being natural enemies, having adaptations for catching prey or avoiding predators. On television however, they are regularly depicted together in a fairly peaceful way –outside of battles and the occasional bad tempers. I realize there are certain instances when wild Pokemon of all types feel they should band together to achieve a common goal. But these times are few and far between. Other than the obvious networks and writers wanting to avoid particularly violent scenes, what could lead to this depiction that is so far from the “Wild Kingdom” which it should be?

On the other end of the scale are Pokemon that are no longer wild. Caught Pokemon, of course, seem to get along fairly well unless personalities get in the way. Is it because they are so loyal to their trainers that they let go of their natural instincts? Or is it similar to the domestic animals of our world? Well-cared for and familiar enough with so many other Pokemon that they have learned to be more relaxed around normally natural enemies. Sometimes, even to the point of becoming friends.

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